Disney with Papuchoni #GUBcation

disney with papuchoni
Disneyland and Disney California Adventures this year was a complete success. While we didn’t expect to have my dad aka Papuchoni join us it was the best day ever!

My dad hasn’t been to Disney in YEARS like +10 years. He hadn’t seen DCA or even the new things over at Disneyland. Needless to say we were supper excited to show him around.

I told my dad ears were mandatory. He laughed but I said no really they are ;) He was a team player and wore ears with us.. A total first!

Our first stop was DCA I knew this would be my dad’s favorite because of Buena Vistas Classic Car and classic feel to old school Hollywood.
DCA old school car

My dad was totally shocked to see this car. He automatically started doing what he usually does when we see a classic car… He mentions the make the year and how he could tell based off the lights or any other feature on the car. You know he had to take a picture with little man and little lady in front of this beauty right?

We visited Carsland next. We went last year but were hoping little lady could finally be tall enough to ride radiator springs. Sadly she was centimeters short. We did luigis flying tires because we loved it last year. It was still just as fun even though we missed the gigantic beach balls. My dad had an amazing time with little man.  Little Lady requested churros from cozy cones yum! That is definitely a snack stop!

the royal theater
We headed over to Disneyland next to ride small world and the jungle cruise two of my dads favorites. I recently visited disney for specail showing of the Royal theater and I was happy to wait in the beating sun for the kids to enjoy the Royal Theater presenting Tangled!

Our Disney visit wasn’t complete without some popcorn so while I stood in line for the show My dad and the kids enjoyed some popcorn and cold water. When we finally entered to see the show It was amazing! The show was funny and had us all involved yelling “hazahhhh” and “Fieeee”  the kids loved it!

Through our visit I kept sharing pictures and tweets. I loved that DCA and Disneyland were actively engaging with me during my visit. It made me enjoy the park so much more knowing they were just a tweet away!
Here are a few of my favorite tweets!

Did I mention my dad recieved an Honorary Citizen of Disneyland Button as we exited DCA!
Ya we were all totally jealous!

disney honorary citizen
I tweeted this picture and Disney replied! My dad had the biggest smile as I showed them what Disney had said!


Thank you Disney for making our visit memorable!

best day ever at disney

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We did however receive two park hopper tickets to visit the park as media.

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