Date Night in Philly with KIA + SBRAGA Open Table #CadenzaExperience

Disclosure: KIA Motors invited us to their collaboration event with OpenTable with SBRAGA in Philly for #CadenzaExperience for a test drive and dinner experience.

kia cadenzaexerience

It was just this summer that I fell in love with the Hybrid Kia Optima in California when we test drove it for #EcoFriendlyConKIA. The kids called it mommy’s new car and for a second I wanted to correct them but instead I went ahead and lived the dream that the KIA was truly ours. We had a such a great experience with the Hybrid Optima that I was excited to bring the hubs to test drive the new 2014 KIA Cadenza. 

kia cadenzaexerience gubfamily

We were invited to Philly for KIA + SBRAGA OpenTable Cadenza Experience. The hubs and I hardly go out on dates so this was the perfect date night for us. You know mom and dad need a little couple time still plus we wanted to see if this car would be in the running as a potential family car. So Little Man and Little Lady sat this one out.

We arrived to SBRAGA where the Cadenzas were lined up read for a test drive. The hubs jumped in drivers seat and I went in the backseat. Off we went!

kia cadenzaexerience testdrive philly

Talk about brand new only 191 miles on this Cadenza! Nice!

kia cadenzaexerience new

We test drove a 2014 Cadenza with The Tech Package. It definitely felt like a luxury car.

kia cadenzaexerience luxury car

In the Back I enjoyed the extra room and different features.

kia cadenzaexerience backseat

A sun shade plus 12 speakers in the Cadenza 2 being on the door!

kia cadenzaexerience backseat tech pkg features

One of our favorite features in the Optima was also in the Cadenza- Back seat sunroof! The kids loved it and would always want it open. I finally was able to enjoy the double sunroof in the Cadenza and it was amazing to see and enjoy the architecture in Philadelphia during our test drive.

kia cadenzaexerience double sunroof

I loved the hide away cup holders in the arm rest but most of all the extra space! As a mom of kids that carry “babies” everywhere this is needed. Not to mention the hubs being 6’1 and my father in law being  6’4. We need the extra room!

kia cadenzaexerience backseat space

Next we experienced our first Red Carpet! I’ll take any excuse for a picture with the hubs!

kia cadenzaexerience impossible to ignore red carpet


We loved dinner at SBRAGA, a modern American restaurant in Philly off the Avenue of the Arts. It is Owned by Chef Kevin Sbraga. We were excited to dine at SBRAGA given that Zagat rated it at a 27!  We definitely got the luxurious feel from both the Cadenza and SBRAGA.

kia cadenza sbraga opentable

Dinner at SBRAGA

What to have??? #cadenzaexperience #kia

First: Tomato Melon Soup

kia cadenzaexerience SBRAGA Philly first

Second: Roast Pork Provolone Bread Pudding

kia cadenzaexerience SBRAGA Philly second

Third: Cherries Jubilee

kia cadenzaexerience SBRAGA Philly third

This event couldn’t have come at a better time since our car was giving us signs that it was time for a new one. The hubs really imagined our family in a KIA and the ride proved that it would be a great car for our family.

Thanks KIA + SBRAGA for this Open Table event!

kia cadenzaexerience 2014

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was invited to attend KIA motors event to test drive their vehicle. Dinner was provided. The above are my true and honest opinions.

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