DIY Papel Picado Stamped Apron for Kids

hispanic heritage month celebration 2013

Continuing with our celebration of Hispanic Heritage month here on GUB, Little Lady and I decided to do some potato stamping. We’ve been working on a few of these designs lately and so far this is our favorite we call it DIY Papel Picado Stamping!

diy papel picado stamped apron

Since discovering our love for potato stamping it’s been our go to activity! We decided to make these aprons in vibrant colors. Here is what you need to make one yourself!

Supplies for DIY Papel Picado Stamping:
diy papel picado apron-supplies
Fabric Medium • Acrylic Paint • Carving tools • Potatoes • Apron •
Masking tape or washi tape • knife • Decorative Scissors • paintbrush

Let’s get started!
diy papel picado apron-potato stamps
Carve simple designs on potatoes. Need help carving check out this potato stamping tutorial.

diy papel picado apron-design
Using masking/washi tape outline your design. We did a flag in the middle of our apron.
Outline the middle to spell our a word we used amistad which means friendship in spanish! We decorated the bottom with a mini scallop design much like papel picado flags
Tip Using decorative scissors paste one strip of washi tape onto paper and cut to give a decorative edge to any side of your flag. 

diy papel picado apron-easy potato stamp
Start stamping. Paint your potato first and then stamp your design on to your apron. Once your designed area is all stamped, paint around to make it all even this will create the papel picado effect.

diy papel picado apron-stencil painted
Paint the rest of your flag carefully especially around your word. Wait for the paint to dry and remove all of your tape. Using a thin paintbrush be sure to go thru and paint evenly.

diy papel picado apron-potato stamping
Prepare the potatoes once again and have the kids add their own stamped designs all over the apron for a fun look!

All done!

diy papel picado apron for kids

We hope your kids wear their stamped aprons with pride! These aprons are perfect for arts and crafts and cooking in the kitchen!

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