Pampers Gift of Sleep Secret Mission #GiftofSleep

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored post. I am a Pampers Baby Board Member.

As I gear up to head over to Pampers Headquarters for a Pampers Baby Board Member event I want to share the amazing things Pampers gives us the opportunity to be a part of. 

Just a few weeks ago we were asked if we wanted to participate in gifting someone special and truly deserving the Gift of Sleep!

With no questions asked I knew exactly who we wanted to present a Gift of Sleep package to- My husbands co-worker.

Giving someone the gift of sleep to me means allowing them to rest at night comfortably stress free even if it’s just for a nights rest.

pampers gift of sleep
Off we were to shop and shop and shop! We were on a mission to surprise our very deserving friend.

We wanted to gift this deserving mom the gift of sleep because sometimes life deals us tragic situations and this person needed to know she was being loved and thought about!

pampers gift of sleep never enough diapers

We shopped for diapers, wipes,- Pampers of course! We know how important a dry night can be for baby and mom! Thank goodness for 12 hour protection with Pampers!   We got cozy pjs for every member in the family especially mom!

We also included some bath time relaxing J&J products that our family already loves.

pampers gift of sleep shopping

Paying for everything felt amazing! I know Pampers would be proud of all we got for this family!

pampers gift of sleep building our basket

We made a few more stops and included bedtime books and something extra special for mom to use for reading – A nook!
We know how difficult time to herself with 3 little ones can be. A book can be the perfect escape after a long day.

We also included a gas card, coffee card and thermal because this mom stays up at night working with my husband and sometimes coffee can give you the energy to make it thru a shift to go home and get a great nights sleep!

It rained so hard during our secret mission but not even the rain could stop us from presenting our gift of sleep!
pampers gift of sleep with kids

Little Man and Little Lady helped get our basket ready too!

pampers gift of sleep mission complete

Dear friend we hope we have granted you the Gift of Sleep  you are truly deserving for being so strong for your family. We hope you know you are loved and thought about! 

Our secret mission was a success! Our friend was surprised and overwhelmed with joy! There were lots of happy tears! We had other co-workers and even her family from cross country via video chat present during the surprise.

It was the perfect surprise and Gift of Sleep!

That night the hubs and I were overwhelmed with emotions. We talked about the great deed Pampers allowed us to be a part of and how amazing it was to surprise our friend who truly deserved it!

Thank you Pampers for allowing us to give the Gift of Sleep!

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored post. I am a Pampers Baby Board Member. I was asked to gift the gift of sleep to a special family in need. I was not compensated or asked to share my experience. The above are my true and honest opinions. 

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