DIY Three Wise Men Mini Cakes {Reyes Magos}


One of the traditions I love to carry on with my kids is that of the Reyes Magos, The Three Wise Men. Our families tradition is that the Reyes come to visit the night of the 5th and leave presents or treats for the kids to enjoy on the 6th!

This year we celebrated a little early by making cakes for los reyes! These are great to make before or for the day of to celebrate los reyes! These mini cakes can easily be adapted to cupcakes too!

To make these easy DIY Reyes Magos Mini Cakes you will need to:
Three Wise Men Mini Cakes_make batter use mini cake pans

Create you cake batter and bake your mini cakes. We used Wilton mini cake pans. These worked great for our cakes but as mentioned cupcakes work great too! Pick your favorite cake batter we went with a box of our favorite Pillsbury brand!

Three Wise Men Mini Cakes_frost cakes

Once baked let them cool and then call the kids to get ready to frost and decorate your Reyes!

We used Pillsbury creamy vanilla for Melchor and Gaspar but for Baltazar we got fancy and used Jif Whips in Peanut Butter Chocolate Mint! Its limited edition so if you can’t find it a chocolate flavored frosting will work too!

Three Wise Men Mini Cakes_decorate crowns

Next trace some crowns for Melchor and Gaspar and a head-wrap for Baltazar! Wilton has some cool sparkling gels that made the head pieces look amazing!

Here is what we used for Gaspar:
Decorate the crown with some green gel by Wilton. This makes it look like little jewels on his crown. Also use M&M’s as eyes. For the beard and mustache we used another limited edition product from Pillsbury, Caramel Apple. His mouth is made with red gel also by Wilton.

Here is what we used for Baltazar:
Decorate Baltazar’s head-wrap with blue gel by Wilton and 1 red M&M. Use 2 more M&M’s in brown for his eyes. Make his beard with black gel and mouth by red gel also by Wilton.

Here is what we used for Melchor:
Melchor was decorated with more vanilla frosting for his beard and long mustache. Red gel for his mouth and orange gel for his crown jewels. 2 brown M&Ms as eyes!

Listo! All done!

Ready to eat and enjoy! Feliz dia de los Reyes!!!

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