Traveling with Raquelle #BarbieProject

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the #Barbie Project.

We recently went on a trip to California. Little Lady asked if Raquelle, Barbie, Nikki and friends could come. I told her to pick one of her favorite Barbies but only one. I told her keeping up with all your friends and their clothes may be a little much just one friend for this trip. She agreed and settled for Raquelle.

Traveling with Barbie Raquelle

Raquelle was front and center with Little Lady. At the airport. During security I had to ask her to place her in her basket. Little Lady worried if Raquelle would be afraid of the dark. When I told her it would only be for a short ride she agreed but she was nervous for her. I could see it. At our gate she took Raquelle out and explained to her what we would be going thru on the plane. She explained they’d call our number (boarding zone) we’d line up give our tickets and go on the plane looking for our seats “Mom knows the number” she said I ask what number she said “our seat number by the window mama”

She also took her to see if our plane had arrived. She asked “Mama, is that our luggage? Raquelle says yes!”
I smiled and said “maybe who knows!”

At this moment I realized how Raquelle had be come besties with Little Lady! She wanted Raquelle to experience everything and she wanted her to have a great time!

When we arrived to our hotel at Disneyland in Anaheim, California Right away Little Lady ran to our window and showed Raquelle the view. She told me “Raquelle really likes the pool she’s not afraid of the slides we should take her”

Raquelle also loved meet and greets! She met Goofy and posed in a picture with  Little Man and Little Lady. Later Little Lady said “The characters are nice. You don’t have to be afraid they just want to say hi”

I remember saying the exact same thing to her last year when she was too afraid to meet with some of the characters. In a way I want to think Raquelle gave her confidence to want to meet all the characters. She didn’t want her to be afraid of miss out on any of the fun including meeting the characters.

Raquelle continued to be Little Lady’s side-kick through our entire trip. Bringing her Barbie on our trip made Little Lady’s time more memorable. I feel like she really made an effort to want to have her new best friend have a great time and in a way she had the best time too!

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