Disney Social Media Moms 2014

Going to Disney Social Media Moms with my family was one of those blogging events I had on my wish list. We were invited to attend and luckily it was out in California where I could make this more than just a conference trip but actually a great family trip!

We spent 7 days in California 4 of those for DSMM. We arrived to check into our hotel and already the magic had begun because Goofy was in the lobby of the Disneyland hotel waiting to greet us all!

Here are a few of the most memorable moments my family and I experienced as part of the magic of DSMM!

Big Thunder Mountain

One of the most classic rides was the backdrop to our first event. It was not only very nostalgic to see the mountain once again but to experience it with the kids and to ride the newly remodeled ride was just epic!

Dinner was at the Big Thunder Jamboree! We had delicious healthy food to try and even a scavenger hunt! But the best part was seeing all the characters in their spring attire!

Minnie and Mickey were wearing the cutest pastel outfits!

There were rabbits too! I mean how could you not love thumper and … i think thats peter rabbit? or is it the rabbit from splash mountain? Ya I think that’s him!

The kids enjoyed trying new foods the chili  and watermelon salad were definitely a favorite!

The highlight was seeing Doc McStuffin! Little Lady and Little Man both melted away!

Conference Speakers!

Gary was by far the most influential speaker to me at DSMM! His words were perfect and really got my gears turning! Here are a few of my favorite quotes from his presentation!

“Attention to detail is part of creativity!”-Gary

“If you challenge the part of your mind that isn’t routine, you can grow creatively” -Gary 

“Date an idea, but don’t marry it. Need to be open to change.”- Gary

And a few other quotes

Whatever you do in creativity, you should be authentic. It should challenge you, but not turn you into someone you’re not. ” -@brandijeter tweet

“When producing content think like Disney -Quality Innovation and Storytelling!!!”- @Rubydw tweet  

“Curiosity Keeps leading us down new paths”- Walt Disney 

 “There should be a reason why you blog. Don’t blog just to get attention” – @Donald_Driver80  

“Twitter gives people a voice.”-Doug Bowman @stop

Exciting news from Disney!

Aside from having LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow we learned first hand how Disney Junior is giving back with Give a Book Get a Book learn more at http://www.giveabookgetabook.com/

Exciting Films!
Maleficent need I say more? I can’t wait for May 30th! We saw an extended trailer and WOW Definitely a movie the hubs and I are willing to make a date night

Fun with the Family

The magic happens when the passes for DSMM are given and we get to experience the park like never before with fast passes to many rides and lands closed just for us! The experience is magical!

Downtown disney was one of the lands closed for the DSMM families and WOW from the food to the characters it was all amazing. The kids had such a great time.

On our last day DSMM had Carsland laid out for breakfast exclusively for us. This meant rides too! We rode on Radiator springs, luigis tires, and Mater’s junkyard jamboree a few times.

The kids met Lightening McQueen too!

and Red!

I take away inspiration, motivation, laughter and memories from attending Disney Social Media Moms. It was wonderful to experience Disney with old and new friends. My family experienced the park like never before and I know that will forever stay with them. Staying at the Disneyland hotel is always a treat but I appreciated the hard work the DSMM team put in to dropping off surprises for us during the events. Thank you again DSMM for the invitation we had a magical time!

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