Summer Adventures GeoCaching

After hearing all about GeoCache from friends and online Instagram pictures we were inspired to finally go on an adventure with the kids. We downloaded the app years ago and failed to follow thru with the adventure but We finally did it!!! We went GeoCaching!!!

What is GeoCaching?

Google’s definition

We used the official GeoCaching app you can learn more about that on their site

GeoCache FAIL

Our first two attempts to find a GeoCache were a fail! Like really. Here we are searching thru the trees kids were so excited and nothing! Our second location had more hints but when we arrived 10ft or so from the location of the GeoCache we found this little orange thing. Mind you, we didn’t really know what we were looking for. When we handled the little find we realized this was actually a narcotics package Parent FAIL! But needless to say, we didn’t get discouraged! We knew it could be dangerous but hubs and I took charge and always kept kiddos safe, even when we almost got attacked by 10 geese! HAHA!

Our First GeoCache Find!

We decided to hit up or local park for some more GeoCaching. We found our first GeoCache! It was so exciting. The clues were awesome and as we climbed thru bushes and trees we found it! The clue was Buzzing up in a tree and had this cool BUG attached to a mini bison tube!

Our first find wasn’t one we could leave a trade in but it we sure signed the log!

Kid’s find a GeoCache!

In that same park we found another geocache! This one we could leave a trade in item and of course we came prepared with Lego Mini Figs! The kids loved this one best!

GeoCaching while Brown

Going GeoCaching in our area makes us look pretty suspect. Although we carry the kids with us I can only imagine what those around think.

The hubs found our 4th GeoCache and he was in a parking lot moving around objects in the designated finding area. He came back with a medicine bottle which sure enough was the  GeoCache! He also said… “What do i look like? Black guy searching for things and walking away with a medicine bottle suspect for sure” We both laughed.

We look forward to more GeoCaching with the kids this summer. It will not only give us something to do but really take us on an adventure this summer!

What are you doing this summer with the kids?
Would you or do you go GeoCaching?

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