Everyone Should Care About Ferguson

Being a mixed family we have our share of stereotypes, prejudice, and racism to deal with but the recent events in Ferguson have left me angry, heartbroken, and helpless. The events have shown me how the issue may have started as black and white but it’s grown to be something everyone should care about.
Let’s remember what started this protest! An unarmed teenager was killed! Mike Brown was first heard of via social media and it took days for TV to do more than 2min coverage on our local news.

When I shared with the hubs what had happened He wasn’t shocked He wasn’t surprised. I hate to say he almost was use to hearing about another Black boy being killed. This is when I knew it would mean a whole lot more than what they were making it out to be.

I spoke to my best friend and blogger Xenia and she shared even more news on the death of Mike Brown. We’ve continued to discuss how this is a topic everyone should be angry about and still not many were speaking on it.

When the protests started  I wanted to watch and gain awareness. I hoped for a change and justice to be found for the parents who were yet to be told any details let alone identify the body of their son aside from social media photos. Because if you weren’t aware not only was this boy killed and shot 6xs he was also left uncovered on the streets for everyone to watch while cops stood over his body. No ambulance was called as his body was thrown in the back of a black suburban suv!

But nothing could have prepared the world  and those really watching for what we would witness next.

As I watched live streams from TimPool of ViceNews and KARG Argus Radio It all felt unreal. I kept going back and forth from each live stream window staying up til the sun came up because people in Ferguson were being arrested, shot at with rubber bullets, tear gassed, harassed, and even worse killed!

The way those protesting have been treated is uncalled for and unconstitutional!

Just recently a church that was a safe zone where people came for sleep, food, milk , water, gas mask, and other supplies was raided by police. There has yet to be a reason but luckily volunteers are present now helping to restock what was taken.

I’ve continued to watch and see photos off Instagram with more abuse. The fact that this is happening in America and that people overseas are shocked too only makes me feel worse. We are the land of the free where amendments protect our civil rights but in all honestly it doesn’t feel that way.

When I see guns being pointed by cops in military gear that doesn’t make me proud. When I see protestors being shoved, cursed at, and told to keep moving that doesn’t make me feel American. When I see people running away from tear gas and later seeing them pour milk to aid their eyes that breaks my heart. When media is arrested and told to move to a staging area away from protestors that shows me they don’t want them to film what is going on.

So much is wrong in Ferguson So much is not changing. We can make a difference! This isn’t a battle just for Black people this is a battle for every human-being.

So why should you care? Because as a human-being you should care how people are being treated and demand Racial Equality! You should care how their civil rights are being taken from them because this could be you, your family, and your children!

I believe in change and I believe in coming together to make a difference!

Start with what you can by Donating, Speaking up, & Uniting to make a difference!

Send your condolences to the Brown Family

Donate to Feed the students of Ferguson who’s classes have been canceled for a week already.

Donate to the National Lawyers Guild  Helping with legal support on the ground in Ferguson.

Donate to the St.Louis FoodBank who  have been delivering food to a community center in Dellwood right outside of Ferguson.

Donate to the Brown Family who have lost their son. The funds collected will be used to cover funeral and burial expenses, travel and living expenses of the parents as they seek justice for their son, Michael Brown, Jr.

Donate to Fight for Ferguson. They are using funds to help those protesting the money will benefit many for supplies and aid!

Sign the petition for Mike Brown Law which will require all state county and local police to wear a camera.

Sign the petition to Stop the Militarization of Police in America Immediately

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