Life in Our Dreamhouse #BarbieProject

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the #Barbie Project.

Little Lady loves Life in the Dreamhouse! The other night we talked about how huge Barbie’s closet was and how much clothes and shoes she had. I asked Little Lady if she wanted a closet like that and she totally surprised me. She said “No mama it’s too big I would get lost in the closet and then who’s gonna find me?” I found it interesting that she would think of the closet as huge rather than wanting all the goodies in it. Then again this is a good thing!

I took to our blacktop and with chalk I drew the shape of a house a huge house! I asked Little Lady to help me design it and this is what we came up with!

We had one living room with a couch and a TV, one kitchen with a refrigerator and stove, one bathroom with a tub, a bedroom for mom and a bedroom for the girls- Charlotte and Warlotte.

The girls shared a room. I watched Little Lady put the girls to nap and they shared the bed too! She didn’t ask for much for their room a bed and a pillow oh and a window with shade aka as curtains!

Mom took a nap too. It was nice to see how this chalk made house allowed her to play in her own Dreamhouse.

She asked for a playground. This is something we don’t have. I know she loves the park and she asked for the very things we play on. A swing, slide and climbing bars and hopscotch! I loved drawing these for her!

Little Lady taught the girls to play hopscotch. I still remember teaching her. Her instructions for her dolls were quite the same. Throw the stick and hop to the number it lands on pick up the stick and come right back! Warlotte didn’t seem to like to be last when it came to playing. Little Lady told her “It’s just a game we can all have fun”

She wasn’t kidding! Seeing Little Lady try to sit on our chalk swing was the highlight of our day! She said “Look at me mama I fit” She says the funniest things.

She ended their day with a nice bath only to tell me “OH NO, Barbie has chalk on her face!” Ran in the house and plunged all these of her dolls in our bathroom sink.

I realized that her mind is definitely where it’s suppose to be. I love that her dreamhouse was a simple 2 bedroom home and her splurge was a basic playground. Sometimes thru play we realize how simple life really is and how kids are happiest with the minimum.

Learn more about the Barbie Project and join the conversation #BarbieProject too!

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