Celebrate Hispanic Heritage- DIY Banderita Magnets

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

We are half way thru National Hispanic Heritage Month. To celebrate the kids and I did a super fun and easy craft- Banderita Magnets. Banderita means little flag and these tiny magnets will be sure to be a hit with your kiddos! My kids love getting hands on with glitter and all things crafty so this was a perfect time to sit and enjoy them while discussing a little more about our Mexican Heritage.

You too can create this with your kids at an affordable price! What I love about Walmart’s craft department is that there are a variety of craft products at such a great price. I was happy to find everything I needed for this Hispanic Heritage craft for less than $15 and all at the same store!

For this craft your will need:
Glitter- in colors of the flag you will make
-jumbo craft sticks
-adhesive magnet strips
-mod podge
-sponge brush

Watch our tutorial to make these cute Banderita Magnets:

If not follow these easy steps:

1-Cut jumbo sticks in half and adhere together using the adhesive magnet strips you will need to cut the strips in half 2-3 halves should be sufficient.
2-Using mod podge and sponge brush brush on one side of the flag and do so one color at a time.
3-Sprinkle glitter and tap off.
4-Continue with the next side according to the flag of your choice.
5-Once done, set aside to dry and continue to make the symbol or characters for your flag. (i.e. the Mexican flag has a eagle on a cactus eating a serpent) Have your kids draw the symbol on a shield like shape piece of a jumbo craft stick. Once done adhere to the flag where appropriate.
6- All done!

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage with your kids?

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