Affordable Roadside Assistance For My Family

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

walmart autovantage roadside assistance

Getting in my car to run errands shouldn’t be dreadful but when I am riding with the kids I fear the worst. One of my biggest fears is getting a flat tire. The anxiety has built as of late when we got 3 flats within half the year! It’s not only scary but costly too.

Car trouble has altered our plans and even left us carless at one point because we had to leave our car behind on the road during terrible weather. Needless to say, I try not to leave the house without the hubs to me it just isn’t worth the anxiety if something happens.

Recently the hubs and I have been discussing getting some type of coverage for roadside assistance. The services can a bit expensive but we figured at the rate we are going with flats and breakdowns it’s probably best to invest!

As a Walmart Mom I get to hear about new services, programs and items available at Walmart. I was happy to hear AutoVantage, a 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance service would be available for purchase at my local store. I went into stores and found it in the car and tires department. I read up on the pamphlet and at the price it was being offered I couldn’t resist not to purchase. I purchased the service and feel great about the coverage because I am covered, my family is covered in any of our cars and anywhere across the country!

AutoVantage is offered at an affordable one low yearly rate of $69.88! and offers more than just roadside assistance! The benefits of purchasing the service are really beneficial for my family!

AutoVantage offers:

  • 24-Hour Roadside assistance- up to 150 miles per occurrence
  • LocateMe Technology- to pinpoint your breakdown location
  • Lock-out assistance- not only for your car but apartment and home too
  • Your Mechanic’s Hotline- ASE-Certified mechanics available to answer questions and give advice on your vehicle
  • Discount auto repairs- 15,000 participating service centers
  • Travel deals- on hotels and car rentals!

Getting myself back on the road with less worries was super important and I have AutoVantage on my side if I need any help!

Learn more about AutoVantage  and purchase in-stores at Walmart.

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