5 Reasons to have Family Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen

family dinner with cpk
Our family was invited to check out the new California Pizza Kitchen Menu of seasonal items this weekend over in King of Prussia Mall! We had never dined at CPK so this was very exciting for us.

Visiting CPK at KOP mall is a big deal because they recently remodeled their location and just added some pretty awesome items to their menu! Hubs and I have become quite the adventurous foodies lately so this was right up our alley especially at a place the kids would enjoy also! 

VLOG: Here is a little about our family day out:

And of course here are 5 reasons we think you should have family dinner at CPK

1- Flavorful food for all- From rich flavors to quality meals. We learned CPK offers something for everyone! Dishes are customizable for vegetarians too!  So from grass feed organic beef to kid friendly dishes you can’t go wrong! 

2-Comfortable and friendly environment- CPK at King of Prussia newly remodeled location offers comfortable communal seating as well as an upscale feel in a relaxed friendly environment!   

3-Family Friendly dishes- Appetizers, salads, and pizzas can be shared and enjoyed by all in the family. Our family was able to try a little from everyones picks, making the meal that much better! 

4-Seasonal goodness- CPK does a great job at sharing and bringing in seasonally inspired dishes from salads, to flatbreads and pizza with amazing flavors! The goodness is not limited to food, the drinks and desserts vary in locations too!

5-Amazing service- Our visit wouldn’t have been complete without amazing service. Our host was awesome and really showed she knew and loved the food too! We love when we feel right at home and the service wasn’t short from family oriented! 

Here is what we had to eat incase you didn’t catch the video above! Plus learn a little more about some of the seasonally inspired dishes at CPK

Starters at CPK

new coolers at CPKavocado club egg rolls at cpk

I tried 2 of their seasonal drinks, Fresh Strawberry Mango Cooler and the Ginger Tangerine Cooler! I can’t say it enough how delicious these both were! If I had to choose a favorite the ginger tangerine is like nothing i’ve ever tasted, definitely a reason to visit CPK more often!

The Avocado Club Egg Rolls were a family favorite. While these weren’t a seasonal item (thank goodness) we heard they were a must try. Little Man and Little Lady loved the crunch and of course hubs and I are down with anything avocado! These didn’t fail us! They were amazing especially with that Ranchito sauce, YUM!

Must Try Pizzas at CPK

pizza at california pizza kitchen- jerk chicken and spinach artichoke with chickenWe shared these two crispy thin crust pizzas and they were spot on! The hubs describes them as “exactly what you order you get”
Roasted Artichoke+Spinach with Chicken- We love spinach dip and this was the perfect combination on a pizza we added chicken for a more filled meal but honestly plain would have been perfect too!
Jamaican Jerk Chicken- Spicy and sweet flavorful  pizza and it has bacon! Need I say more? This was another favorite! The spicy chicken was so addicting at every bite!

Seasonally Inspired dishesHarvest Kale salad at CPK

Harvest Kale Salad-  Baby Kale, toasted farro, roasted butternut squash, Napa cabbage, shaved pear, marinated cranberries, spiced pecans, and goat cheese tossed with housemade citrus vinaigrette  This was such a fresh and delicious salad. The flavors all complimented each other well and it is like nothing i’ve had before so good!Fire-Grilled Ribeye at CPK
New this season (but not seasonal) Fire-Grilled Ribeye- 12oz grilled steak with housemade pinot noir sea salt and topped with creamy bleu cheese butter served with roasted fingerling potatoes and lemon garlic arugula salad.  If this didn’t say manly steak I don’t know what does It was a perfect portion for the hubs with delicious side options! I sneaked a few bites it was that good!!!
other seasonal dishes at CPK in King of Prussia include

  • Sunny Side Up Bacon + Potato Pizza
  • Brussels + Bacon Flatbread 
  • Roasted Garlic Chicken + Seasonal Vegetables

Sweet Happy Ending

dessert at CPKbutter cake at cpk
We tried 3 desserts why because we totally had to! It all read too delicious not to try!
Salted caramel pudding-  Yum! The consistency of salt and sweet
S’mores- A gooey roasted marshmallow and a chocolate pudding with chocolate bites Sooo good!
Butter cake with vanilla ice cream- This was a must from everyone we asked. It was the kiddos favorite as you can see above!
family dinner at California Pizza Kitchen
Family dinner hasn’t been this flavorful in a while! We love being able to try new things with the kiddos. We look forward to a return visit soon! 
California Pizza Kitchen King of Prussia new menu
Thank you for having us California Pizza Kitchen!

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