Family Vacation in a Mitsubishi Outlander

Disclosure: I was loaned a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport for review purposes only.
family vacation mitsubishi outlander

Every year our family sets out for a GUBcation trip. This year we traveled to Orlando, Florida for a vacation of a lifetime. While we planned to stay in Disney properties it’s important to us to have control of our transportation in the event of needing something for the kiddos. Having a family friendly vehicle that we can rely on is a must and we couldn’t have had our family vacation without this Mitsubishi Outlander.

MitsubishI Outlander sport- Spacious trunk MitsubishI Outlander sport- Spacious front

DriveSTI was nice enough to loan us this beautiful Blue Mitsubishi Outlander Sport for our trip. Sport vehicles are known to have a smaller trunk area but this Mitsubishi fit all our baggage and then some! I loved how spacious the cargo area is and how high the back trunk door opens. This is important since the hubs is 6 feet tall. We also enjoyed having plenty of leg room in the front because as a mom I carry a bulky bag when we travel especially out at amusement parks. I like to have everything at the reach of my hands so extra space was awesome to have.

Mitsubishi- glowing dash
Some of the features we enjoyed were:

The panoramic sunroof – The kids enjoyed viewing the clouds in Florida from sunny skies to rainy clouds in the matter of hours!

Glowing dash- The dash had a bright red neon glow. This made the car look amazing at night

Climate control- Florida is known for its crazy weather it was nice to have automatic climate control with a simple touch of a button.

MitsubishI Outlander sport- family travel vehicle
Our family was very comfortable in the outlander. From car seat space to cargo space to beautiful views it was nice to have a vehicle we could depend on during our travels that made us feel so comfortable.

MitsubishI Outlander sport- family travel

Watch us pick up the Mitsubishi Outlander here+ more of our GUBcation in Disney World:

What do you look for in a car when you travel with family?

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