Sibling Love #GUBnewBeginnings

sibling love
This past week I was asked many times how old the kids are. Every time I said “soon to be 6 and 7″ their whole little lives played in my head. It was pretty crazy to think our little peanuts aren’t so little anymore.

I still remember the first day Little Man met his sister. He was still very little but he loved on her and then of course the tears came cuz mama had her hands full with a new little baby.

But out of all the memories that played my favorites were remembering all the things they did together. My heart was full and as every time I said their names and ages my smile grew bigger.

In the morning as we prepared for some errands I watched the kids play. It’s been a while where I just sat back and took in playtime with both of them. There was no screaming or fighting. Just lots of love laughs and silly faces. I felt like I was living life in slow motion today. So before the moment was gone decided to capture a few photos of their sibling love.

better together sibling love

After being asked the kids ages I’m always told how brave I was to have kids 13 months apart. If i’m honest I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our kids love each other and have a great relationship. As mush as I love spending time with them separately my life and theirs is better when we they all together.

Watching them grow up their first 5-6 years of life has been so rewarding. They both protect each other and miss each other. But don’t get it twisted they are very much brother and sister and the fights are pretty hilarious too!

As we enter new beginnings I hope they continue to play together and love each other. I hope for silly chats, fun playtime, and most of all a loving respectful life.

In the words of my mama: “You are brother and sister, when me and papa are gone you only have each other. Always be there for one another”


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