My Week with a KIA Sedona #GUBminiVLOGS

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post I was however loaned a Kia Sedona. Thank you Drive Shop!

my week with a kia sedona

Oh Boy where do I start! For as long as I have been with the hubs he’s wanted a minivan. His mom has a minivan and while I think it’s comfortable  I just don’t think it’s my style. I also don’t like the stereotype of minivan only being for moms. It’s not who I am and not who I want to be. But for the sake of the hubs I kept an open mind and told him that one day i’d drive one… if Ellen gave us one. It’s been the joke up until my recent trip to California.

You see, I was loaned a vehicle from our friends at Drive Shop and we love checking out the KIA vehicles. So when they mentioned a Sedona I was excited and then I remembered I’m on this trip solo. Just the van and me. I kept an open mind and vlogged my trip in what I like to call GUBminiVLOGS the miniMOM vs miniVAN. I went with miniMOM to imply that this short mama with only 2 kids not a van full was keeping an open mind and trying out her very first miniVAN!!!!


It was only day 2 of my trip and already I had fallen in love with all the features that made this miniVAN luxurious and comfortable. Aside from being able to drive around everyone in my family. I loved how modern the technology was and how accessible it was to my lifestyle as a woman on the go not just a mom! 

From quad cameras for backing up and moving forward to the USB and outlets in all areas of the van to the climate control and double sunroof and back passenger roll down windows. I was hooked! 

miniMOM vs miniVAN

I even drove to LA and back a few times before having to fill the tank. The Sedona had a nice look and if i’m honest, it looked good one me! 

Learn more about the KIA Sedona and Check out my GUBminiVlogs during my quick trip to Cali! 

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