Family Movie Night with Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.MALL COP 2- CHALLENGE family fun night

This summer our family is enjoy movie night. We keep things fun every week by creating one activity to get us all included. Our last family movie night was Paul Blart Mall Cop 2! We had a challenge that included drinking root-beer from fun mugs, having a selfie taken, and building with legos!

Here is how you can recreate this family fun Movie Night for Mall Cop 2:

Purchase Mall Cop 2 at your local Walmart and items from our challenge to help you have a fun night. 

We suggest Felt for a mustache with double sided tape, root beer, legos, fake money, hershey kisses, a flashlight. Get creative you may have items that work already at home(kids toy box has great finds!)

After the movie I had a list of 5 things for the family to do and this was the list:


1. Take a selfie with a mustache- Can you rock the Paul Bart look?
2. Build a Lego Segway- Who can get the most creative or who’s Segway looks the coolest, you be the judge! 
3. Pack the Fanny with essentials- Make it a race! Who can fill their fanny pack with all the mall cop essentials. Add some of your movie favorite items too!
• Money for gambling
• Hershey’s kisses for later
• Flashlight whistle
• And Marbles for the bad guys
4. Drink a complimentary Root-Beer- Just like Paul Blart see who can drink some root-beer the fastest after all it’s a complimentary beverage!
5. Save the Art + Save the girl- Have someone hide two items of your choice one to represent art and one to represent Paul’s daughter. Then send the family to find the art and the girl and bring them to safety!


We loved wearing the mustache they were so Paul Blart!!!


Our selfies were pretty funny too! Little Lady’s favorite part of the movie is when Paul Blart carefully open’s up a Hershey’s Kiss as if it is crucial to his security plan but instead pops it in his mouth to eat it!

Little Man was all about the fake money we had. He said he’s ready for a casino. I don’t think he understood Paul Blart’s saddness after gambling. He’ll learn one day!


I let the kids have a little bit of soda for our movie night challenge. We were sent these cool Mall Cop 2 mugs that had a little Vegas flare so they had to drink all of their soda in one gulp like Paul Blart did in the movie!

In the end our Movie Night challenge was just about having some family fun. Everyone who participated was  a winner!

paul blart challenge download

Make it a family movie night challenge with your family download our Movie Night challenge sheet here

Family Movie Night- Mall Cop 2

We recommend Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 for the whole family. Pick up Mall Cop +Mall Cop2 Exclusive 2-Pack at your local Walmart  for $24.88!!! (available now for preorder for release on 7/14) 


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