Writing our Family Story One Tradition at a Time #HowWeFamily

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I consider my family lucky when it comes to culture, heritage and the traditions we celebrate. As the kids are getting older they have so many questions about our family and why we do certain things. The best part about having a mixed-heritage family is the ability to combine our traditions and celebrate them with our kids. Seeing our kids excited to learn something new about our family and then actually looking forward to celebrating again is magical.

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My side of the family is full of traditions mostly religious and superstitious but all full of love. Many of our traditional celebrations I still remember being a part of as a kid. Like when my grandmother would hang out stockings for Christmas and Three Kings Day. I use to think everyone celebrated these magical days.

If I had to describe what traditions are in my family I’d say they are a piece of what holds us together and links us to our roots. Each celebrated tradition is linked to a memory and in every memory there lives a loved one and a story. I have many great memories full of traditions!

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The hubs side of the family isn’t as traditional as mine but that’s never stopped us from making our own. His family is so full of history and it’s that history that has inspired us to create new traditions with our kids. His traditions come with great stories and it’s then I realized how blessed our family is to be mixed-heritage.

When the hubs and I first got married, we discussed how we’d raise our family. With compromise, love and excitement we began our journey as a family. It was then that we broke our cultural mold and began to celebrate our own traditions while incorporating those that helped raise us. I truly believe that is where our story began.

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That’s what being a family is all about, telling and creating our own story. So when our kids become parents, I hope that they continue to write their own stories inspired by traditions they’ve been introduced to. Most of all, I hope that each celebration reminds them of a sweet memory from their childhood and encourages them to continue traditions new and old. I hope our stories live in deep in them like my family’s stories and the hubs family’s stories have with in us because in the end those stories are our traditions.

What’s your Family Story?

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