BTS Style for Boys- Trendy Graphic Tees + More

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I went back to school shopping with my 7 year old soon. He usually doesn’t have an opinion or a care about what he wears but when he saw the selection of graphic tees at Walmart. His eyes opened wide and suddenly he was telling me which he loved and which weren’t so cool. I learned about his favorite Minecraft characters, why comic book people are cool and of course why pixel looking everything is too!

Minecraft Graphic Tees


I love the variety of Minecraft graphic tees we found at Walmart. Little Man chose his favorites and he can’t wait to rock them at school. Graphic tees come in size xs-xl for boys. 

Little Man also pointed out that they were the real deal because the makers brand name was on them. Good to know, right?

Little Man chose his favorites from Minecraft and they were actually really cute graphic tees. They are great quality 

Minecraft Eye of Ender    Minecraft Spirits   Minecraft Adventure Club


Boys Graphic Tees


I loved how trendy and new the graphic tees for star wars and DC comics were. They weren’t the original retro graphic tees that we usually see. They were pixelated or block people which is exactly what my son likes. 

We picked up most of his tees in his favorite color, Blue too!

I love that Walmart has such trendy graphic tees for boys and girls at an everyday low price!

StarWars Galaxy Bits   DC comics SuperHeros

Trendy Comic Book Backpack


And because we like to add a little retro feel now and again. It was nice to see this comic book backpack with Marvel characters. Like most of the backpacks for kids at Walmart this was under $10! A total win!

Marvel Comic 16″ backpack

What do you look for when shopping for BTS styles?


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