DYSON V6 Slim- Who Needs a Broom

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.


We recently moved and 95% of our home is carpet! This includes the dining room! So really who needs a broom! Not me! And trust me I have a small kitchen with tons of tile, a walk way that forever collects dust and of course bathrooms. Ok ok maybe I do need a broom for the bathrooms right? So while I do have a broom but I much rather use my Dyson vacuum!



Using the Dyson V6 Slim is better than a broom because the suction is amazing! Beware that everything from, dust, crumbs, legos, cereal, hair, and your actual rugs can get picked up! And I am ok with that! My tile floors are clean so clean I like to walk around barefoot and nothing get’s stuck to my feet! Especially when going from carpet to tile. 

I love that the Dyson V6 Slim is very light weight. The bulk of the weight is in your hands meaning you can lift it over your head steady with no worry the attachments are too heavy! 

Dyson V6 Slim comes with 5 important pieces:

  • The body- the actual motor V6 with Lithium Ion battery
  • The attachment brush- To get into those small places
  • The Motorized Cleaner head- That works from bottom to top! 
  • Docking station-Great for holding accessories and charging up right
  • The charger- Yes this vacuum is CORDLESS! So just charge in it’s docking station and go!  

Powerful Suction with Dyson V6 Slim


The Dyson V6 Slim is great for small areas and quick clean ups. Don’t expect to vacuum for more than 20mins. It’s not the vacuum to get all of Saturday chores done. But as a mom who has kids that make a mess, have accidents, and leave legos behind This is great because I can clean up fast just like I would if I would grab a broom. But I much rather reach for a hand tool with crazy power suction. 

The Dyson V6 Slim offers a power button on too It’s power suction to the MAX! Yes deep cleaning in no time! But be warned going MAX cuts the amount of time you will be working the Dyson V6! It’s recommended for difficult tasks so it uses a lot of power to get the job done!   

And if you don’t believe the suction see for yourself in it’s clear hygienic bin. I love that I can see the mess without having to touch it with my hand. I simply press a button and release the garbage to the trash! EASY!

Like most Dyson Vacuums this V6 also features a washable filter!

This Dyson V6 Slim Vacuum is ONLY available at Walmart

The Dyson V6 Slim is currently on rollback at Walmart from $289 to $259 during Labor Day  8/23-9/12


So  let’s see, cordless, powerful suction, washable filter, hygienic bagless bin!!! Do you still need a broom? 


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