Kids Healthy Skin Routine for BTS with Lurbiderm

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Lubriderm Healthy Kids Skin Routine
This back to school I’m learning just how independent my little ones are. As we talked about our new school schedule having not one but both kiddos waking up at the same time to catch the bus I decided to talk about Kids healthy Skin with them. It’s important to keep our skin moisturized, this they know but they also need to know why we use certain products and when. A mama’s job is never done even if the little ones are so independent. 

Since the kiddos have had sensitive skin all their life and since it changes often with the seasons, I find myself trying out different products. We partnered with Lurbiderm® because they have lotions that fit all our needs. From sensitive skin, dry skin, lotions with spf and even calming lotions. I love that my kids are learning to read labels and are eager to ask questions. 

The kids healthy skin routine is practiced daily and it doesn’t change for BTS we just find ourselves doing it at a much earlier time thanks to early bed time and early wake up.

Our routine starts off the night before school.

Night before school

After showers, when their skin is still a little moist we lather up with Lurbiderm® Shea+Calming Lavinder Jasmine Daily Moisture lotion. This not only helps keep the kids nice and moisturized which they need for their dry skin but it also helps calm them and get them ready for bed. Using products with Lavender have been a routine we’ve followed since the kids were babies and just because they are little older doesn’t mean they don’t need the same calming effects. They know to lather up with lotion as soon as they pat them selves dry and even before PJs come one. This is how we do things every inch of their body covered in a calming moisturizer  to get ready for bed!  Then all the other goods stuff that get us ready for bed.

kids healthy skin routine for bts

School Day Morning

When the kids wake up before they come down for breakfast and get dressed for school, they know to use Lurbiderm® Daily Moisture with Sunscreen. I love this one even if just has an SPF 15. I like to say some is better than none. They rub lotion into their arms, hands, legs, and face. We need lotion in all the places the clothes won’t cover. This daily moisture is great because it leaves their skin feeling clean and non greasy. 

healthy skin routine for KIDS-

This kids healthy skin routine may seem simple but it’s very important for our family. With kids with sensitive skin that have seasonal eczema and are prone to dry skin it’s a crucial step in our BTS routine. This is why we practice and have made it a habit with our kids since they were babies for morning and night routines. 

How do you keep your kids skin healthy? Do you practice a healthy skin routine?


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