Positive Self-Esteem: 5 Books for Curly Hair Girls

little lady gublife

Little Lady had her first Hair Salon experience and it was awesome! We went in for what we thought would be a deep conditioning but then we decided to cut a few inches! Talk about the whole hair experience. 

Little Lady loved it and really her hair didn’t look so different aside from how it was styled. We saved a few curls for her scrapbook and came home. All was great until she woke up one day with big hair. 

little lady's first hair cut

She wasn’t happy and it didn’t help that I looked shocked. The night before I had finally put her in a silk night cap. Everyone told me her hair would be protected and that it would be a lot easier to style her hair in the AM. While it did keep some of her curls her hair formed to the shape of the cap. Her hair was big and she wasn’t happy. She wanted me to fix it. and She said “I don’t ever want to go to school like this I look like a boy” We reassured her she didn’t and told her she just needed it styled for the day.

She’s also asked me to style my hair. I let her but she then tells me she wishes she had hair like mine. It makes me sad I tell her because she has gorgeous hair and I want her curly hair too. I make it a point now to share how special her hair is just like we did when she was smaller.  

Now I spend extra special time with her. Teaching her to style, love, and care for her curly hair. I want her to love them because they are a part of who she is and what makes her special. While most days she asks me for a simple pony tail I still need her to know its important to take care of every part of our body including our hair! 

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Here are 5 books we are adding to our library that promote a Positive Self Esteem for Curly Hair Girls!

Books for Curly Hair Girls

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  1. charmaine says

    I have another book to suggest. …PENNY AND THE MAGIC PUFF BALLS. My daughter is like yours except her dad is the native American Mexican American and I’m the African chick born in USA straight outta Philly and south Jersey living in TX. I have to assure my daughter’s all the time about their hair and self esteem. A lot of girls love her hair but she DOESN’T feel the same because she looks wants hair like her Mexican am. primas ,long and straight (which is funny because they want her hair because they can’t do a thing with theirs). It’s definetly a challenge but you just have reassure little mama (ironically my daughter Nick name too, haha) that being different isca great thing. For my kids, it’s that they don’t see them a lot (black/mexican) but they see a lot of other mixes out here that are more accepted especially Mexican /white but I show them and teach them as I know you teach yours. Anyway, I hope things get better for little mama. Your family is awesome. Keep being yall.

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