Summertime Family Moments #HowWeFamily

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mixed heritage family

Our family is enjoying the last few weeks of summer before both kids and the hubs head back to school. From family movie nights, gaming, and even cooking together, we’ve truly enjoyed our time together this summer. It’s been all about enjoying the summertime family moments.

This weekend I truly took joy taking in every moment of how diverse our family is and how we enjoy our time together.  The hubs and kids spent time caring for our garden but it’s not your typical garden. If anything, it’s a garden ready for salsa making. From tomatoes to 4 different types of chiles, onion and even cilantro! They also harvested their first watermelon from a plant that sprouted 4 melons! Gardening has been a great way for the hubs to show the kids how to care for our plants all summer long.

Our meals this weekend consisted of the hubs breakfast waffles, a lunch of pork and beans with hotdogs and for dinner enchiladas rojas with Mexican rice! All in one day, we had a variety of flavors! The hubs and I make what we know and what we’ve enjoyed with our families. It’s really a great combination and one that works for our family!

The highlight of my weekend was winding down for the night with a movie and a slice of cake little lady and I made, just because. It’s the sweetness of spending time together that makes these last few weekends of summer memorable.

You see, the way we do family is by doing the things we love and enjoy. The very things that helped bring the hubs and I up. As parents, we get to pass on our love for food, our love for spending time together as a family and our love for wanting the best for each other. What matters most is making memories and how we continue to do things as a family! This is #HowWeFamily!

Tell us how you family! What’s been memorable this summer?

TYLENOL® and I would love to hear about how you family. Join in by posting or share a photo or video of what represents your family love and pride using the #HowWeFamily hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. You can also and visit#HowWeFamily site to learn more and see other great family stories.

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