5 Reasons to Visit Chuck E Cheese

Disclosure: We were invited to Chuck E Cheese and provided a meal. 5-reasons-to-visit-chuck-e-cheese

A few weeks ago our family was invited to hang out and try some of the new menu items at our local Chuck E Cheese.  We are huge fans of family fun so we couldn’t wait to visit Chuck E Cheese!  The hubs and I use to visit with out family and we were so excited to learn how many things were still the same but also how great the changes were.

Here are 5 reasons you should visit Chuck E Cheese soon!

1-Family Game Time


The games are still as awesome as ever! We found a few of our favorites from when we were kids as well as new trendy games the whole family got to enjoy. Most games were 1-2 tokens and most gave us 4 tickets just for playing! I love that Chuck E Cheese offers video games and physical play time! 

2- Delicious New Food Menu Items


Our family came with an appetite and we were so satisfied! We tried the new Thin Crust pizza , parmesan breadsticks, buffalo wings, and churros! 

The new thin and crispy pepperoni pizza is absolutely delicious and more than enough for a family of 4! We loved the flavor of the sauce, the crispiness of the crust and pepperonis and the stringy cheese!  Did you know Chuck E Cheese thin and crispy pizza won a national taste test against Pizza Hut! I can vouch and say it’s absolutely amazing! 

The parmesan breadsticks were flavorful and so soft. They cam with two dipping sauces but honestly are amazing to eat alone.

The Bone in Buffalo wings were so good! We were surprised both our kids loved them. They had just enough buffalo kick and were super tender and juicy. Try them boneless now too!  

And last but not least the CHURROS! I was surprised to see Chuck E cheese offers a variety of dessert items! They came with 2 dipping sauces too but were so good without them! We love churros. 

We also got a tour of the kitchen at our local CEC and learned pizzas are made to order,  all veggies are locally sourced  and cut fresh on location, kitchen is set up to provide Gluten Free options! The pizza dough is made at CEC with the exception of the Gluten free dough which is made at another location to secure and ensure it doesn’t get contaminated! Learn more about Gluten free offerings at CEC


3- Chuck E Cheese Entertainment

We were surprised and please to see Chuck E Cheese also offers entertainment while we dine! We saw that the live stage show is still offered with our favorite characters! We also enjoyed TV time with cool snippets of fun shows and the ticket dance show with Chuck E Cheese. The kids loved seeing Chuck E dance and then handout tickets! 

4-Birthday Fun 

Chuck E Cheese offers  great party themes for girls, boys and big kids! Check out their new Birthday celebration packages and consider your next party at Chuck E Cheese! 

5- Parent’s piece of mind

I loved that the hand stamp still exists and how everyone was hand stamped and checked on the way out. I knew that if my kids went off to play they were secure on location. The Chuck E Cheese we visited was also so clean! We saw staff constantly monitoring the play areas, cleaning tables, and monitoring the bathroom. I love a clean facility especially one where my kids will be touching and playing

We hope you visit Chuck E Cheese and make new family fun memories with your family too!  

P.S. Visit  Chuck E. Cheese’s  in a Costume during #Chucktober and get 50 FREE tickets!


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