Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Kids


Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of sharing how my family celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. I find it extremely exciting when parents reach out and tell me how DIY crafts, recipes, and just sharing my family’s stories have helped them celebrate cultural events too. I wanted to share our favorite posts for Hispanic Heritage Month from years past before showering you with more fun crafts, finds and recipes our family has been enjoying this HHM celebration. 


Food has been a HUGE part of our celebration. When I think of special meals that take me back to my childhood I feel a sense of connection and need to share with my own family. We’ve bonded and created so many new memories of our own for Hispanic Heritage Month! 

Tacos de Adobada


Agua de Platano


Churros estilo Tijuana



When the kids were smaller and we moved to New Jersey, I felt a strong need to share traditions the best way I knew how, thru crafts. I’ve always been hands on and visual and figured not only would my kids have fun creating cool things but also learning about mama’s heritage. 

DIY Papel Picado Stamped Apron

diy papel picado stamped apron


DIY Banderita Magnets



DIY Mini Piñata




My mother is a huge advocate of literacy so it’s only right I implement what she’s taught me about reading aloud to children with my own kids. It’s a fun way to learn about cultural traditions and let the kids imagination run wild and get lost in a great book!

12 books to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month





I can’t wait to share what our family has been enjoying and how we are continuing to learn and celebrate traditions! Be sure to stay tuned as we Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! 

What has been your favorite Hispanic Heritage Month Post on GUB?

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gublife celebrate hispanic heritage month

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