Little Man + Little Lady’s Back to School Night


Can you believe Little Man is in 2nd grade and Little Lady is a 1st grader? I use to dream about the days both kids would be in school together for whole days. I often wondered what I’d do with my time. It’s been well over 5 weeks since the kids went back to school  and I recently received their first report card, I wanted to share our Back to school night. It happened a few weeks back but I wanted to share and document the year both kids were in school full days!

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Back to school has quickly become the event I look forward to attending because I get to know more about the person my kids spend a majority of their time with as well as seeing the beginning works of their grade. I love sharing more about my kids with their teachers as well as how I can help my kids and their  

Little Lady

little lady first grade back to school


Little Lady has been lucky to get both teacher’s Little Man has had in Kinder and First grade. While I wasn’t nervous to learn how she’d been doing in school I was happy to know she felt comfortable knowing who her teacher was.  Little Lady is my social child so I hear  first hand the happenings of class. I wasn’t surprised to see the art she’s mentioned, or the books and charts she’d been using. I loved seeing her work up on display. And like I do every year, I snapped a few pics for keepsake.  She is loving her teacher except she doesn’t like being in school for so long. I can count on her for honesty!

Little Man 

Little man second grade back to school

Little Man has a complete new teacher. One we both didn’t know and hoped would be just as great as the past two he’s had. I visited his class and left content with knowing he’s going to have a great year in school. Like little lady’s class I learned about the rules, books, and activities happening in class. I was happy to learn his class size was under 20 and the teacher and I both hope it stays that way. Little Man continues to be my quiet shy boy who loves all things GAMING!

Cute back to school thank you from techer

The teachers at the school my kids go to go above and beyond. The teachers are great about communication and setting up time to meet or talk to us. The classroom sizes are small and the school staff goes out of their way to really get to know the parents! I have had 3 amazing back to school nights and I continue to be excited for my kids education.  I look forward to a great 2nd and 1st grade year! 


How’s the school year going for your kids so far?

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