Community Baby Shower: The Beginning

community baby shower

I’ve been fortunate to partner with amazing brands thru GUBlife. As you know I am a Pampers Baby Board Member and this year Pampers sent us on a mission to make life Better for Baby in our community. I was provided with a grant to help babies in my community and I was so excited to serve my community!

Choosing Camden Healthy Start program

Since I hadn’t done community service in my area I turned to google and found the amazing Camden Healthy Start program. I knew this was a program I wanted to help!  

Camden Healthy Start (CHS) improves the health of pregnant women, babies and families in Camden City and works to lower the infant mortality rate in the area. Services include: One-on-one care to pregnant women and new moms – Fathers on Track, a peer support group for dads – Health education on parenting, pregnancy and child development

The statistics most of all impacted my decision to choose Camden Healthy Start. 

Pregnant women and babies in Camden City face more health risks than other women and babies in the state. For instance:

•Twice as many babies in Camden die before their first birthday.

•Three times as many Camden women do not get prenatal care as women do elsewhere in the state.

•Moms in Camden have 1.5 times more low birth weight babies than elsewhere in New Jersey

It was then that I knew making life better for baby was a must in Camden and I wanted to help with the Pampers Baby Board Grant!

Meeting and Planning

Soon I met with the Outreach coordinator, she shared more about the needs in our community and how a community baby shower would be a great start!  

We  started meeting up  to plan and we have a pretty awesome  planning committee. From the ladies at Camden Healthy Start to the amazing women of  Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority.

I was happy to join in and provide baby essentials like Pampers Diapers and Wipes, a much needed snow suit for the coming winter and hygiene products for baby.

Thanks to Pampers we were able to divide our baby grant to plan not one but three community baby showers!!! And thanks to brands like Lubriderm, Aveeno Baby, and Johnson Baby for also contributing with the hygiene products for baby for all three showers too! 

Better for baby Community baby shower

This is what my dining room looks like as I prepare the night before our first Community Baby Shower. 8 boxes of size 1  Pampers diapers, 8 boxes of size 2 Pampers diapers, and  8 boxes of Pampers Sensitive wipes for each family!

Better for baby Community baby shower- baby essentials

We also have 8 bottles of each- Lubriderm lotion for mom, Aveeno baby calming lotion and wash, Aveeno Baby daily lotion and wash and shampoo, and Johnson’s Baby wash.  We also have  items for games and so much more! And this is  just the beginning! 

Better for baby Community baby shower gifts


For the winter shower we found it extremely important to purchase an item to help keep baby warm. Thanks to the Pampers grant I was able to purchase infant snowsuits for each awaited baby. 

I can’t wait to share the recap of our event. I hear two of the moms we are awaiting have given birth already!!!!

Thanks again to Pampers for the opportunity to serve my community to make life better for baby. Also huge thanks to Lubriderm, Aveeno, and Johnson’s Baby for the contribution to our events! We are so appreciative!!! 

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