GUB[up]date:It’s time I let go of the life I planned

we must let go of the life we planned

You may have noticed the quiet on the blog. I have to be honest and tell you that I’ve been doing some deep thinking and lots of work on some greatness for GUB. But before I get to what my minds been working on, I want to share that it’s taken me a few years to come to terms that the life I had planned out just wasn’t going to happen.

Before the blog, kids, cross country move, and marriage I was a young woman who had her life planned. I share this because being a mom and wife weren’t part of my plan but have been the change and life that I truly needed! 

I had my life planned from the day I graduated high school. I knew the life I wanted involved going to college, employment in the field I loved–education, and most of all independence.  I never wanted kids and I never wanted to get married. I didn’t have time for those things. So selfish right? 

The life I had planned quickly changed. Soon after getting married, we had babies, and I found myself unemployed gearing up for a move cross country. 

I felt lost and sad. Everything I had worked so hard for changed and my life well planned was nothing like it was years before that. 

I share this to say that the quote “We must let go of the life we planned…” Is exactly TRUE!  I finally let go of that life a few years ago and owned the life I was given. 

With Thanksgiving being just a few weeks away. I wanted to share how letting go has allowed me to be a better mom, wife, and most of all individual. I am so grateful and feel extremely blessed.

I was so hard on myself that I failed to realize I was making myself unhappy and those around me. Yes I work hard but I never celebrated my work life- This very blog that I enjoy sharing our lives on. I celebrated my culture, my family, but never the hard work that has been a part of my life change. 

Since Little Man shared so proudly what I do for a living with his classmates, it’s only right I too celebrate. 

So forgive me for being quiet these past few weeks. I can’t wait to share how GUB is growing and of course our annual GUBing THANKS. I look forward to seeing our Community grow as well as our blog!

May you too accept the life that is awaiting you!

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  1. says

    OMG! Yes you have come so far! I am so proud of you building your GUB empire :)

    & thanks for those darn thumbnails I am over here salivating at that enchilada pie lol

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