Veterans Day: Remembering Our Veterans


Christmas 2006- 1 month into my deployment


Happy Veteran’s day!!! Today is a day to remember the people who have served and continue to serve our  great country.  Remember and honor the people who gave up their freedoms so we can live the life we live today. 

I served 8 years in the U.S. Navy. I signed up right before I was about to graduate high school. I went to bootcamp just a few months after graduating and was soon stationed across country away from my family.  I served my country proudly and was able to learn, grow, and meet some great people. 

While there are many who have given up their lives to serve our country, I was fortunate to have returned safely after every deployment. 

But it was those very deployments, that made the most impact on me. During the time away at sea I realized the time and freedom I gave up. Holidays and birthdays were just another day and soon even sleep was rare. But I wouldn’t change my time as a U.S. Navy Sailor for anything. It was a big part of my life and still to this day miss being an active service member. 

Today, be proud of our veterans and active duty service people.  Thanking them and telling them how much you appreciate all they have done really goes a long way. It’s a small gesture that seems so simple and might just help a Veteran. 

Many Veterans and active duty service people come home and feel unappreciated and a quick Thank you will change their day, and  when tomorrow comes keep it going. Show how proud you are of those who serve this great nation.



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