Wintertime: 3 Tips for Healthy Skin for the Family

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It’s finally getting cold here in New Jersey and that means Wintertime will soon be harsh on our family’s skin. Lucky for us, we finally know how to keep healthy skin for the family. Long gone are dry and harsh skin during the wintertime. There are 3 things we keep in mind to keep healthy skin for the family during the cold season. 

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I try to keep the kids on the same routine we do. When it comes to their skin they are as sensitive to the weather if not more. We’ve suffered thru eczema and even cracked skin. 

Now that they are a bit older they follow the routine the hubs and I do. It takes just a few steps but it really makes all the difference to our skin.

1. Moisturize after showers 


Yes, this is a must. The kids doctor once told me to help with their eczema and sever dry skin during the winter to have them shower in warm water not HOT. Immediatley after a shower moisturize with great lotion. We’ve been using Lubriderm lotions since. We like the advanced therapy lotion for winter time because it deeply hydrates extra-dry skin. It’s enriched with Vitamin E and B5 and other skin essential lipids. We also like Lubriderm Intense Skin Repair for rough patches. I use this the most on my feet right before bed and especially after showers! 

2. Protect Skin outdoors


Scarves, jackets, long sleeves and gloves are super important when stepping outdoors. Our skin is so prone to dryness when exposed to harsh cold weather. Keep your skin covered whenever possible. 

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Keep hydrated. We tend to drink less water during the wintertime because we always want to stay warm. Our skin needs water to stay hydrated as much as the rest of our body. This is as important as moisturizing during the wintertime!

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