Celebrate Los Reyes Magos

Los Reyes Magos are almost here but it’s not to late to celebrate Los Reyes!

celebrate los reyes magos 

Every year my kids look forward to getting their stockings filled by Los Reyes.  Having Los Reyes visit was one of my favorite traditions growing up and get so excited to share with my kiddos. The kids know Santa doesn’t fill their boots for Christmas and they anxiously await for Los Reyes to visit! I try to do crafts, diys and even some special treats for Los Reyes.   

But since we are flying out our celebration will be short and sweet but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. We’ve created some fun projects to celebrate Los Reyes. We also have some amazing friends that also celebrate Los Reyes with diys and delicious recipes. 


From GUBlife:

Reyes Magos Mini Dolls

Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos

Three King Magnets

Mini Reyes Cakes

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From our Friends:

Rosca de Reyes by Presley’s Pantry

3 Kings baskets for kids by Modern Mami

Candied Citrus Peel for Roscas by La Cocina de Leslie 

Almond Atole by Nibbles and Feasts

3 King’s Crown Craft by DeSuMama

Bolsitas de Reyes Magos by AhoraTambienMama


Do you Celebrate Los Reyes Magos? 

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