GUBcation 2016- Going back to CALI

Happy 2016! We’re going on a GUBcation!


We’re going back to CALI… for GUBcation of course! We are so excited to finally be taking a family vacation to Cali. As you know I am originally for California. When the kids were smaller and not in school. It was easy to travel to California for months at a time. But now that they are in school and have a busy schedule with sports and other activities. It makes visiting a lot harder. Needless to say my parents have missed them terribly!

grandma and papuchoni

The last time the kiddos hugged and kissed Grandma, Papuchoni  and my brothers was spring of 2014. I’ve been lucky and have gone  back to Cali often for work but it’s not the same visiting without my little ones and the hubs. 

We are set to leave this week for a 6 day adventure. We plan to hit up LA-OC-SD! We decided to vlog during our visit to capture the amazing moments with my family and of course to bring you, our GUBfriends, along!

We have a fun bucket list in the works for this trip:

  • Tacos
  • Beach
  • Zoo
  • Night time exploring
  • Coronado Bridge +Navy Ships
  • museum
  • aquarium 

Not sure if we’ll get to do it all but we sure will try!

We can’t wait to share more! In the mean time we have some awesome stuff coming your way! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you don’t miss a thing!


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