Mazda CX5 for GUBcation in SoCal

Disclosure: We were loaned a Mazda CX5 for review purposes only. gubcation mazda cx5

We recently went on GUBcation to beautiful sunny SoCal! It had been almost 2 years since the kids saw Grandma and Papuchoni  so this trip was going to be amazing.  GUBcation is usually our time for family vacation but also memory building! I was excited when I learned that Mazda was kind enough to loan us a gorgeous Mazda CX5 for our time to visit our family and favorite places! Here is a little about our time in SoCal in the Mazda!

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mazda cx5-family travel

Our family may not seem big but when we travel we bring tons of stuff! We counted 2 car seats, 1 duffle bag, 4 carry on suite cases and 4 back packs! Ya we like to bring all we can so the space in the Mazda CX5 was perfect for our family! 

GUBkids enjoying the Mazda CX5

mazda cx5-family car

We were able to meet up with family, run errands, go on food runs, drive from LA to OC to SD in the Mazda CX5. I love that it’s an SUV but wasn’t scary bulky but still was very roomy. I loved that it accommodated our family of 4 plus 1. It had bluetooth connectivity, easy to use navigator, passenger focused air conditioning so no fighting with the hubs and his needs for wanting it warm! The kids were comfortable in the back and the car seats fit in perfect without feeling like they were taking up the middle seat.  We were able to explore SoCal and visit with family in style! 

Check us out and about in the Mazda CX5 on day 1+2 of our GUBcation as we explore Knott’s Berry Farm and Orange County. 

When it comes to traveling we always seek to have our own vehicle. Driving the Mazda CX5 made me feel right at home and made the visit less stressful. I knew I could depend on this vehicle for my family. 

mazda cx5-GUBlife

We are so thankful we had the Mazda CX5 for GUBcation to allow us to enjoy our vacation stress free and to travel comfortably.

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