DIY Monogram Easter Table Decor

Monogram Easter table centerpiece place setting

I love making the holidays special with my family and have learned that simple things like table decor and place setting make them feel loved and special. For the holidays last year, I made everyone a place setting even though it was just us four. This year I’m continuing in the tradition and created an easy DIY Monogram Easter Table Decor with a centerpiece and place settings! 

Monogram Easter Table Decor Supplies
 Spring Hack-Monogram-Easter-table-decor-supplies

I got inspired while shopping the craft and seasonal section at Walmart. I picked up two cartons of 12 ct white decorative eggs ($1.98) and a large dyeable egg ($3.44) and thought oh this can totally be used for table decor! 

Some of the other supplies I used can also be found at Walmart in the seasonal and craft section. 

Monogram Easter Table Centerpiece- Gold Dipped Eggs

Spring Hack-Monogram-Easter-table-decor-gold-dipped-egg

I started my centerpiece by painting all the eggs to look as if they were dipped in gold. This gave them a fancy yet simple look. I took a paint brush and dipped it straight into the paint and only painted the lower side of the egg. To get a crisp line wrap in masking tape. 

Spring Hack-Monogram-Easter-table-decor-gold-dipped-eggs

I let the eggs dry while I continued doing the other monogram easter pieces of my table decor. 

TIP: When painting the eggs use a thin coat of paint for faster drying and no paint spreading. 

Large Monogram Easter Egg Centerpiece

Spring Hack-Monogram-Easter-table-decor-large-egg

Using a paint brush and Tacky Glue I freehanded the first letter of our Last Name. Work fast and only with thin amounts of glue for fast drying and no smearing. Once your desired letter is on the egg sprinkle with glitter. You will need to go over some areas and the edges with another coat of glue and glue. Repeat steps as needed. Let it dry before piecing together. 

Monogram Easter Centerpiece

Spring Hack- Easter-table-decor-centerpiece

Putting the centerpiece was so easy and looked beautiful. I started with a layer of Spanish Moss and then the gold dipped eggs I painted. Then another layer of Spanish Moss over the eggs. This layer should be a lot thicker so it can carry the weight of the large glittered egg. 

Monogram Easter Egg Place Setting


Using the gold metallic paint, decorate your place setting eggs. I went with just the first initial of first names. When painting I took a very thin amount of paint and painted with a light hand to give it a thick brush look. These dried very fast as well. 

Once dry, take the candle holders add a little Spanish Moss and then set the egg over moss. These can be placed over plates or directly in front of the plates. I loved both looks so I’ll decide which I’ll go with when I set up Easter dinner in a few weeks. 

I’ll be using a white table cloth and the burlap runner over to keep with the natural look of our Monogram Easter Table Decor. I loved the pop of the gold and the Spanish Moss. Best of all, I love how simple this DIY spring hack for my Monogram Easter Table Decor was and how happy and special it will make my family feel when we come together for dinner. 

What are your Easter family traditions?

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