Celebrating the Mamas with No Ordinary Card

Disclosure: This No Ordinary Card post is a sponsored post in partnership with Hallmark Signature. All words are my own.


Mother’s Day is just around the corner! This year I’m doing this a little different. I’ve decided to pen my words to the women that have made me a better Mother, including my very own Mama! I picked out three Hallmark Signature Cards because only Hallmark Signature Cards are Extraordinary enough for these special women in my family’s life.

No Ordinary Card For My Mama


 My Mama is a woman who loves to celebrate life and so celebration worthy! She is an extraordinary hostess but more importantly one that can appreciate a special gift that signifies something. I picked a card that came with a handkerchief one my Mama can treasure and be reminded by the words I’ve penned in the card.  The details on this Hallmark Signature card are beautiful and the handkerchief is used as an apron on the cards clipart. 

In my mother’s card, I made a list of my favorite childhood memories with her.  I loved baking a cake with my Mama for Thanksgiving, She used sprinkles to write Turkey on our cake and tho it looked plain then it was one of the coolest cakes I helped my mom make. She lives in California and I live in NJ but still it never gets old sharing with my own kids how my mother loves to bake and how she isn’t afraid to try a new recipe or DIY. I like to think I get my creativity from her. She continues to be the reason I love to celebrate everything with my own kids.   

No Ordinary Card For GrandMommy

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My mother-in-law aka Grandmommy to my kids is a very special woman. Living away from my family it’s been easy to turn to her for help with it comes to caring for my kids. She doesn’t disappoint and is always willing to help. She’s shown me that there are different ways to love because really Love is a way of life. She may not use words to explain her love for our family but her actions are strong and she continues to be an important mother figure for our family. 

No Ordinary Card For Aunt


My husband’s aunt is also another mother figure for our family. She is strong, determined, and took us in when life hit the fan after the hubs got out the military. She watched my kids grow since they were babies and even witnessed little lady’s first steps! She’s never hesitated if I needed her help and she always calls when she makes meatloaf! It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day if I didn’t wish her a happy one! This card is perfect because aunt doesn’t get too mushy with emotions like I do. 

Before I send off each card, I like to let the kids draw in the cards. It makes them extra special and gives them a chance to start celebrating this tradition as well. Our mother figures mean a lot to us and it’s important we all share  


There are no ordinary moms in my life! These Mamas will receive no ordinary card this Mother’s Day. Each and every Hallmark Signature card is beautiful, unique and detailed with dimension and sparkle, much like the impact, these mother figures have on our family. 

Hallmark Signature cards are available in the card aisle, wherever Hallmark Cards are sold. Shop cards like the ones I’ve chosen at hallmark.com/mothersday or to find a store near you! 

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celebrating the mamas in our lives


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