DIY Superhero Lamp

Disclosure: This DIY SuperHero Lamp post is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.superhero lamp with rust-oleum

Little Man turns 8 this summer and he’s so excited about his superhero room. He has Avengers everything at the moment but sadly his lamp is still his Mr. Bear nursery Lamp. So when Walmart sent me a lamp as a challenge to create something epic I knew exactly what I was going to DIY and where it would be going! I made my boy a Superhero Lamp.

I was inspired by another action figure lamp, while that one was gorgeous it was a bit too grown for my little man’s room. They made it look really easy and I had to create my own take on it! 

Let’s Make a Superhero  Lamp

superhero lamp- supplies

While I was sent the lamp I did have to go purchase my other supplies. I headed to my local Walmart and went straight to the paint department for some color inspiration with Rust-Oleum. I gotta be honest, I’m new to spray painting. I wasn’t going to let that intimidate me. How hard can it be to spray paint?

Here’s what I picked up at Walmart and What you will need:

Attach Figures to lamp

superhero lamp- action figure base

I started by attaching the figures to the lamp. I used some e-6000 waited for ti to get tacky and then used the glue gun over that for fast adhering. I found the e-6000 was a bit too runny for this project so go with whatever adhesive you like working with. 

Spray Paint Time

superhero city lamp- protect before paint

 While the glue dries, begin preparing for spray paint. I wrapped the parts attached to the base with painters tape then i wrapped a plastic back secured with tape on both the bulb area and electric cord. 

superhero city lamp- RUST-OLEUM

I recommend laying out some newspaper or working in a box outdoors to spray paint. I liked working with Rust-Oleum because the coverage was great. I do have to say make sure you read each can especially because we are using 3 different types of paint. 

I do have to say, make sure you read each can especially because we are using 3 different types of paint. I’m speaking from experience. I didn’t read and just went spray paint happy. Remember I told you this was my first time. When they say wait to do a second coat WAIT! All was good. 

I spray painted the lamp with the gloss brilliant blue and it had great coverage. I went back in to cover a few spots and I didn’t wait for it to dry so you can imagine what happened. The lamp would have been ok with just one coat of Rust-Oleum gloss spray paint.

superhero city lamp- RUST-OLEUM  lampshade

Next, I worked on the lamp shade I wanted to get a nice black shade. I used the Flat Black.  With just two coats of Rust-Oleum Flat Black spray paint and I got the coverage I wanted.  It dried fairly fast too. A lot fast than the gloss but of course it’s the material you spray paint.  

superhero city lamp- lampshade rust-oleum glow in the dark MAX

Using painters tape create a checker design. This will imitate building city lights. I did 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark MAX but I recommend at least 4 if you are working on a dark base. Wait until dry before adding coats. It does recommend using a light base for the glow to work best but for the look I was going for it worked great. It’s not a bright glow but it gives the effect of lights being dimmed in the building, It was perfect!

Put the Superhero City Lamp together!

superhero city lamp- lampshade city building glow in the dark

Peel off the painters tape gently and only after the paint is dry. I waited a few hours before attempting. I wanted the lines to be crisp and it worked! 

superhero city lamp- heros

I check the lamp and it looked amazing. The gloss is beautiful I really love this Brilliant Blue but if y’all know me you know I’m calling it Dodger Blue. It’s Beautiful! 

superhero city lamp- spray paint mistakes

So remember when I said read the spray paint cans. I mean it. Here is what it looked like after I messed it up and it had dried. It looked worse wet but again all my fault. Lucky for me Rust-Oleum dries so nice! I was already going to add cars to the lower base of the lamp because my kid loved these when we hit up Walmart and saw the Civil War display of toys. So it was great to be able to incorporate more of the things he liked but even better for me to cover up my mistake. Using some super glue I glued on the cars and DONE! It looks amazing!

superhero lamp- hotwheels avengerssuperhero city lamp- hotwheels base

It looks so great and the figures were nice and glossy I love the whole look! Overall it was easy to use the spray paint and the outcome of using different types of paints from the Rust-Oleum line was a good experience. 

Head on over to you local Walmart and check out the selection of Rust-Oleum paint and stains and let us know what would you DIY?

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 superhero lamp

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