Hair Care with TRESemme’s Beauty-Full Volume + Botanique collections

Disclosure: This hair care post is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.ruby hair kid

I grew up with short hair like Dora. It was straight, I had bangs, and it was so thick. My hair care routine was minimal because I couldn’t do much with it.  I always wanted voluminous hair. My signature look now is a swipe bang and mid-length layers but as I get older I long for easy to style hair while learning new hair care routines.

Walmart sent me a few new hair care products from two new collections by TRESemmé. I’ve used TRESemmé before so I was curious to see what new collections they had that could benefit my growing hair. 

TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume

tresemme Beautyfully volume-collection

 I tried the Beauty-Full Volume collection and it was pretty cool. It’s a new way to wash your hair to get better results when it comes to volume. This new regimen calls for reverse wash YA, That’s conditioning before shampooing! I was scared at first but it was pretty awesome to try and see the difference. 

tresemme Beautyfully volume

As I mentioned I have thick hair and it’s hard to get volume to stay. My hair is very heavy and while the Beauty-Full Volume line says it’s ideal for women with thin hair I was able to get some volume without compromising moisture and softness. The results were pretty amazing!

tresemme Beautyfully volume- reverse wash

My routine went a little something like this:

1- Pre-Wash Conditioner- This left my hair feeling very clean. I was afraid I would get knots because it was very clean but those feeling were gone because after washing it out it left my hair soft. 

2-  Volume Shampoo- WOAH This shampoo was a winner. It lathered my hair nice and I could feel how this would be adding volume.  

tresemme Beautyfully volume- styling

3- Hair Maximizer- With my hair still damp I worked in 2 dime size of product into my hair. This left it soft and ready to blow dry. I should mention I’m not a fan of blow drying I usually end up with a mess and it takes forever because I have so much hair. But I gave it a try after waiting a good 20 mins of air drying (I blame life).

4- I parted my hair in half. I started at the bottom. then the top. 

5- I added some hair spray to finish my look and DONE!

I should mention that both the conditioner and shampoo are safe for color-treated hair too

I liked the experience especially for occasions that I know I want to style my hair and take the additional steps to rock my voluminstyletyle

TRESemmé Botanique

tresemme botanique

 I also tried the Botanique collection. WOW! I think this is going to be BOTH little lady’s and I’s new hair routine. It was amazing! First, It’s rare that both Little lady and I can use the same products. She has curly hair that needs moisture and sensitive products while I have straight hair that needs strengthing and color safe products. 

Botanique products offers that, PLUS more!  No Parabens, NO Dyes and made with cocount oil, coconut milk, and aloe vera extract! It’s nourishing and helps keep hair soft and healthy looking. And it smells amazing! I really enjoyed washing my hair with the Botanique collection. 

I enjoy switching up my hair care routine when I know my hair is going to benefit. These two TRESemmé collections are winners in my book and available at your local Walmart at an affordable price

 Hair Care with TRESemme's Beauty-Full Volume + Botanique collections

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