Denny’s Diner Blogger Ambassador: Surprise We Joined the Team!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Denny’s Diner Blogger Ambassador program.

dennys diner blogger ambassador-GUBlife

Surprise! We’ve just joined the Denny’s Diner Blogger Ambassador Program! This means I’ll be sharing the latest at Denny’s as well as our dining experience! We headed over to Denny’s to not only surprise the kiddos with the news but to also try out some new item menus from their Red, White, and Bacon Menu.

Check out our SnapStory to see how we shared the news with the kiddos!

The kids didn’t quite get my surprise until we parked and I had them take a photo. Like my friends say it isn’t legit or it didn’t happen unless you take a photo. The kids know what’s up!

Red, White and Bacon Menu

red white and bacon

One of the reasons we love Denny’s is because it’s the one place everyone in our family is happy. The kids and I are breakfast lovers. Some of us love french toast others love pancakes. The Hubs however, isn’t that into breakfast foods. He’s a burger kinda guy! He loves trying new things and has a good time building his burger with sauces, bacon, onion rings, and even cheese sticks! Like I said, everyone leaves Denny’s pleased.

Denny’s has a new menu: Red, White, and Bacon. They feature seven sweet and salty dishes. Everything from seasonal drinks, appetizers, breakfast items, lunch and dinner items, and dessert! I 

berry lemonade dennys dinner

I’m a berry lover so I had to try the new Berry Blue Lemonade! The lemonade was so bomb! DELICIOUS! The Hubs wanted a sip and I was like “Nope, get your own love!”

bacon cheddar tots

Our favorite menu item had to have been the Bacon Cheddar Tots. In the words of Little Lady they are “a ball of goodness. “She’s so right! These are a must try!

The kids still order from the kids menu so they were set with pancakes and french toast but the hubs and I ordered from the new menu!

Triple Bacon Sampler

triple bacon sampler

Like I said I love breakfast so I ordered the new Triple Bacon Sampler. It’s seriously a dream for any bacon-lover! It comes with 2 strips of thick cut honey jalapeño bacon, 2 strips of Hickory-smoked bacon and 2 strips of turkey bacon! It also comes with 2 eggs, hash browns, and bread! The bacon was delicious even the honey jalapeño one. I expected to have a mouth full of fire but it was pleasantly delicious. 

Honey Jalapeño Bacon Sriracha Burger

honey jalapeno bacon sriracha burger

Hubs said it totally spiced up his life. He’s a lover of spicy and sweet and this burger was just that. The beef patty was topped with 2 strips of thick cut honey jalapeño bacon, cheddar cheese, and creamy Sriracha sauce! The brioche bun was nice and fluffy and it came with a side of French fries. There was no need for the hubs to add or change anything. I say, we have a winner!

gublife family-little lady and mom gublife family-little man and dad

Our family enjoys dining at Denny’s and we love sharing the things we love and enjoy with you, our GUBfriends! We hope you follow us along on our next Denny’s Dining experience! We’ll be share to share on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter!

 Be sure to check out the New Red, White, and Bacon Menu at your local Denny’s Diner in celebration of the new movie Independence Day: Resurgence! I’ll be taking my Veteran hubs to see it June 24th!


thank you dennys

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