DIY Feather Watercolor Mural

Disclosure: This Feather Watercolor DIY is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.watercolor-mural-feathers

We’ve been working on Little Lady’s room and this past week we finally figured out the perfect DIY for her bare wall. We discovered a cool technique that makes for a great wall mural to look like Watercolor. So we picked som awesome colors and added a feather watercolor mural to her room.

One of our favorite past times is watching DIY videos on YouTube, so when we saw Mr.Kate create an awesome watercolor mural wall we knew we had to try it! 


We headed to Walmart to pick out 4 colors that matched Little Lady’s room decor. We had 2 colors mixed for us in pink and purple and lucky for us we found 2 colors  in teal and seafoam in the miss tinted section that were close to what we needed. 

Did you know Walmart can mix customized colors for you in store? It’s fast, easy, and ready for any home project!

Let’s paint a feather watercolor mural


What you need:

-Wall Paint- we used Color Place Interior Satin**

-Clear Mixing  Glaze

-Paper towels

-Spray bottle of water

-Mixing containers

-Mixing sticks

Be sure to pick up prep supplies for your space!

**Colors we picked Lilac Bouquet(02RB 53/171), Cotton Candy Pink (75RR 63/207), miss tinted colors close to Teal Zeal (58gg 71/202) and Bali Hai Teal (56gg 64/258)

Mixing Wall Paint with Mixing Glaze


Part of the watercolor technique is to mix glaze with wall paint. I found that estimating about 1/2 cup of wall paint to 1/4 cup of glaze worked great. Be sure to mix it well. 


Once our paint was mixed with glaze it was time to plan out our mural.


Little Lady loved the part where MrKate planned how she would paint her mural on paper so we did that part too! It was actually a good idea to plan it out this way we got to really see where we wanted the feathers and how big!  

Time to paint


Dip a dry paper towel in the paint or use a mixing stick to add a little paint to it. 

How to do the Wall Paint Watercolor technique


After painting on your feather shape, Spray water on your paper towel.


Dab on the wet paper towel onto the fresh paint and keep the paint moving. As you dab on and move the paint start creating the shape of the feather to look like it’s been water colored. 


For bigger areas, spray the paint directly onto the wall. Be careful with spraying too much water. It will run down the wall and can mess up the feather shape.


I sprayed once and dabbed with the paper towel. I repeated in areas I wanted more of the wash out watercolor effect. 


The technique is really fun and easy and great for kids to help out. Little Lady was able to help paint her own feather and even had the cool idea of mixing two colors.


We did 2 sessions of painting. Allow the paint to dry completely before doing another session.


Optional: To add details, after the two sessions of painting, go in with a small brush and add the details only at the center of the feather. I also took the small feather to clean up the tips of each feather. 

selfie by the new mural

Little Lady and I loved how awesome her mural turned out. It’s officially become our favorite room and did I mention it’s great for selfies?

Be sure to check out the paint selection for your next home decor project! 

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watercolor feather mural



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