It’s a Celebration: Pancake Party at Denny’s Diner

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Meet Pancake, He is Little Man and Little Lady’s new favorite guy! He’s fluffy, cute, and we bet so delicious! It’s  Little Man’s birthday celebrations week so we hit up our local Denny’s Diner to try out the New Buttermilk Pancakes. Why? Because who doesn’t want pancakes for their birthday and well, Denny’s put the cake back in Pancake! 

Pancake Party 

pancake party

Our Pancake Party was awesome and so delicious!  We ordered pancakes for everyone except little man’s stack was topped with whipped cream. You can call that Birthday Boy perks, at least in our family! No need for candles they’re perfect as is! 

The pancakes were perfect and they tasted home made. The New Buttermilk Pancakes were transformed with fresh ingredients that include real eggs, fresh buttermilk and a hint of vanilla. They are hand mixed and made to order. Now how’s that for a birthday panCAKE celebration?

Pancake Birthday fun

  pancake birthday-printable-free

We also made our pancake party extra special by wearing some pancake stickers and making our birthday boy a very special card! 

 pancake birthday-printable-

Get the birthday printable here and make one for the person you’re celebrating! We even added some washi-tape strips you can cut out to make your pancake birthday card extra special!

TIP: Sticker paper can make this project easy but glue works just as great! 

Birthday Boy

pancake birthday at dennys

It’s safe to say this will be one birthday Little Man will always remember! Pancakes for your birthday especially fluffy ones are a great idea! But really, pancakes any day anytime is an even better idea! We even took some to go because they make the perfect midnight snack!

Head on over to your local Denny’s to try the new Buttermilk Pancakes and don’t forget to take a picture with Pancake #FluffyPancake 

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Check out our Pancake Birthday Celebration:

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