Snacking Smarter with Balance Bars

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snack smarter with Balance Bars-

It’s 3pm and all I want is a chocolate bar or any other snack to satisfy my sweet craving. This is my life! I love snacks and I like to keep things that are easy to grab-and-go at home. I tried Balance Bars recently and they’re helping me snack smarter so I can crave freely! And the best part? Our whole family is enjoying this snack! 

I crave chocolate bars, cookies and all things sweet! Mid-day, right after lunch, I sit at my desk and find myself looking for something to snack on. Since the kids are home this summer, I’ve made it an effort to get us out the house especially during the time that I’m about to go on a hunt for a snack.    I’m not saying I don’t want to indulge in some deliciousness I’m just trying to be mindful of the things I consume because the kiddos usually want what moms got! 

Indulging in a balanced way

balance bar- chocolate peppermint patty

I can crave freely with Balance Bars because they provide the sweetness and nutrition my body needs.  I can enjoy my Balance Bar while getting fiber, vitamins and protein! Now that’s what I call RESPECT for my mind, craving, and body!

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balance bar- Dark Chocolate Pecan Turtle

Y’all know mom can’t have something without everyone wanting a piece. Balance bars have an awesome new look and  come packaged in 2 snack-sized bars that are great for little hands! And yes, kids can totally enjoy these as well but all in moderation! 

We tried 4 Balance Bar flavors

balance bar- Chocolate caramel peanut nougat

We tried 4 amazing flavors but you know we all have favorites! 

Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat- Kiddos Favorite – They love all things with peanuts

Dark Chocolate Pecan Turtle- Mama’s Favorite- One of my favorite chocolates turned into a bar YASS!

Chocolate Peppermint Patty- Mama’s Favorite- One of my favorite types of cookies as a bar! Need I say more?

Dulce De Leche & Caramel- Daddy’s favorite- Hubs is a fan of Dulce de leche so he claimed these soon as they came in the door! 

balance bar- Dulce De Leche and Caramel

So now when 3pm hits I know I got my snack ready for me so I can crave freely! My sweet tooth is satisfied and I can change up the flavor according to my craving.  And of course, I’ll be sharing with the little ones.

We want you to try them too 

balance bars

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balance bars-moms snack

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