Adventures in SoCal with Hyundai Elantra

Disclosure: I was loaned this 2017 Hyundai Elantra for review purposes only. hyundai elantra -gublife

I had a last minute trip come up to attend Blogher in Los Angeles. I usually let Papuchoni drive me around because I’m never in town long enough. This time, I arranged to have a car waiting at the airport for me as I planned my adventures for the following 6 days! I was riding in style in a 4 door 2017 Hyundai Elantra!  I knew this trip would be full of fun! 

hyundai elantra -gublife-LA blogher16

My first adventure was my trip to Los Angeles. I picked up my bestie and headed our way to Blogher16! It was a nice drive and thank goodness for the AC because Cali was bright and hot that afternoon! 

After the conference, I headed to San Diego with my brothers on a taco adventure and mission to bring some home with me from Cali to NJ! 

 Tacos El Gordo is one of the hubs favorite spots. It was the only taco spot in San Diego we went to often. San Diego as you know has a special place in our hearts! It’s always nice to go back and see familiar faces! 

hyundai elantra -gublife-san diego

After tacos, we met up with family for some Mexican style Dessert! It was like being back at home at the only ones missing were my babies!

Sadly my trip was soon coming to an end as began to pack and then headed to the airport.

hyundai elantra -gublife-trunk space

The Elantra was not only smooth on the roads and highways. It also was very spacious. From seating up to 5 and a trunk that fit my besties luggage and mine! 

It’s always nice to find a reliable vehicle that can take you places and the Elantra was up for all the adventures. From OC to La and back From OC to SD and back . 

My brothers enjoyed the car I had to give them the deets too! So if you’re looking for a dope ride consider a 2017 Hyundai Elantra. With 29/38 City/HWY mpg, 147 HP and starting at just  $17,150 MSRP! This may be the car for you!

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