Frozen Entrees: Quick and Easy Meals with Saffron Road

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saffron road frozen

The hubs takes over our kitchen when it comes to weeknight meals but now that we are entering BTS I’m looking for options for quick and easy but still flavorful meals. While I enjoy cooking there are times we have too many things going on and I forget to make ahead dinner. Frozen entrees with Saffron Road have become a meal saver! 

We recently tried a variety of Saffron Road foods but I was very impressed with the frozen entrees. I loved learning that the entrees were actual cultural dishes that would go from frozen to ready in less than 5 minutes. 

saffron road frozen entrees

The hubs and I tried out 4 of the frozen entrees. They all come in black dishes covered by a plastic film. Each entree is one serving but I was able to share a few of the entrees with kids for a light dinner. 

Chicken Tikka Masala

chicken tikka masala

The Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice was delicious. It was flavorful and had juicy pieces of chicken and lots of sauce. We had never had this dish before but it had a lot of familiar flavors. It was one of my favorites.

Chicken Biryani 

cicken biryani

The Chicken Biryani was a large portion I was able to share this with the kiddos. This dish has dark chicken meat and rice something very familiar in the dishes we cook. Although the flavors were different than anything we had I loved that the rice was cooked perfectly and the meat was so tender. Again I love that I can pick up a couple of these frozen entrees and it can be a complete family meal. 

Chicken Pad Thai

chicken pad thai

The Chicken Pad Thai with Rice noodles was more of the hubs style. It had a peanut sauce with carrots, scallion and white meat chicken. It wasn’t my favorite but again it was  a great portion and the hubs and I could have easily shared. I liked that the noodles were cooked right and didn’t taste too soft or too hard. 

Chicken Enchiladas Poblano 

chicken enchiladas poblano

We also tried some familiar dishes and were highly impressed. We loved the Chicken Enchiladas Poblano. The rice was delicious the green sauce was flavorful and had a great kick, and the beans were cooked perfectly. We added extra sour cream to ours but again it was a quick and easy meal that still had all the flavors we love. 

saffron road frozen entrees-hala

These Saffron Road frozen entrees are all natural, certified Hala and made with Chicken meat from chickens raised without antibiotics that are humanely raised on 100% vegetarian diet. There are 23 varieties and also beef, vegetarian, and lamb options You can find Saffron Road Frozen Entrees at your local Walmart and other retailers

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