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First day of school pic! We officially have a 2nd and 3rd grader!!!!

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We survived our first day back to school and after school routine! My kids thrive when we have a set routine. We’ve created some type of normalcy since they were babies by having a routine of things that need to get done to keep everyone on the same page.  This is also consistent with their daily classroom and school week schedules. 

So routine is exactly what I tried to create for them after school. Our day started fairly smoothly everyone woke up on time and out the door to the bus stop we went! When the kiddos came home it was back to our grind! 

When we got home I let them know what we needed to get done and while we aren’t military style to time we at least got everyone to bed by 8pm. With a few questions and switching lights off and on. Our day was a successful one. 

This is our after school routine

3:30pm- After school snack

4:00pm- Homework

5:00pm- Dinner 

6:00pm- Showers + Bedtime prep

7:00pm- Reading

8:00pm- Bedtime

They came home with lots of homework for me. You know, emergency cards, permission slips, release forms all that jazz! 


Having them read to each other was by far the highlight of my day. I have 3rd and 2nd graders! They were super sweet to each other before bed. I sat back and just listened to them read.

Overall, they had a successful first day back to school. I loved hearing all about their first day. Little Lady is excited about her new friends. Little Man is excited to be learning Spanish. I was beyond excited when I heard.   We thought they’d have separate lunch times but they were excited to see each other during lunch.  I have to stay on top of all their different activities and school routines too. Thank goodness for my planner and easy stickers to keep me on top of it all. 

I’ll be back with a school update when I head over to Back to School Night for the kiddos next week! Can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

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