End of Summer Family Adventures

Disclosure: We were loaned this 2016 Mazda 3 for review purposes only. mazda-3-kid-fun

Our summer is over but we ended it with a bang! Our family made some dope memories this summer. We spent a lot of time together and really made the most of it. From visits to Newark, daily family life, and family fun, we made sure to make this summer one to remember. Best of all we rode in style in a Mazda 3 and documented it all via our vlogs! 

Here is a sneak peak of what is to come! 

Jammin in a Mazda 3

 mazda-3-tech mazda-3-music

You can’t hit the road without some jams. We were XM radio ready as well as easy Bluetooth synching which made our trip so fun! Our song this summer was Schoolboy Q’s That Part! 


The kids had the song stuck in their head too lol “That part that part that part”



We also traveled to our favorite family restaurants and it was nice to just be able to drive away and enjoy family meals. We were comfortable and oh so full on our drive home.


The kiddos especially loved visiting new places and posing for photos. 


We did some BTS shopping and even ran some errands. I was surprised how spacious this little Mazda 3 is! 


We also witnessed some gorgeous sunsets on the way home from our trips. I couldn’t capture enough photos of those. We loved seeing the gradient of colors. 


Our Summer ended fast and soon it was BTS for the kiddos and the hubs. And like most first days of school, we had to get our first-day photos of the kiddos. They wanted to pose in front of the Mazda lol It was pretty funny but well worth it to make yet another memory to end our summer! 

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My favorite end of Summer Memory with the family was visiting with my in-laws and seeing a treasure of my husband’s childhood toys. My kids were in love with all the finds and I have photos and videos to come! Stay tuned! Vlogs are uploading next!


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