BTSN: My daughter, The YouTuber


We had BTSN for Little Lady this week (Little Man’s grade BTSN is next week). I wasn’t able to go but the hubs did and I always look forward to the things our school has the kiddos do. From funny pictures, to cool crafts, and best of all what they wish to be when they grow up. 

This year Little Lady wants to be a YouTuber. I mean technically she is. She loves to vlog, do reviews, and watch YouTube Kids OFTEN! So it wasn’t a surprise that this is what she wants to be. I didn’t know she was ready to share this part of our life with her classmates. It was super cute!


Over the summer she had us set up the camera for some practice videos. If you follow us on snapchat you probably saw a few of the Behind the Scenes. She’s really a natural. From greeting like a pro-YouTuber to explaining what she is going to talk about  and even a signoff, This girl really knows what she wants to do. 

We didn’t upload the videos but she’s been asking if we will so I’m sure soon Little Lady will have her own playlist of videos and in the future maybe her own channel.  


I think it’s cool to see how BTSN allows me to see the changes in personality and growth with the kiddos. For now Little Lady our 2nd grader wants to be a YouTuber, can’t wait to have a meetup, and open more toys on camera. How’s that for a dope 7-year-old. 

Have you had your Back to School Night?


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