Day of the Dead DIY: Sugar Skull Treat Bags


When my kids were younger I turned to crafts to explain different traditions and things about our heritage. It’s amazing how they still ask for simple and quick crafts. We love to celebrate our traditions and make new ones too. These treat bags aren’t traditional but they’ve allowed us to spend some family time and to really dig deep in our memories and roots 


This year I really put efforts to discuss my grandparents more. I felt I was forgetting a lot of the things I loved about them. This is why I find it to be important for our family to celebrate Day of the Dead. It’s the time where I let myself get emotional over and invite the memories of my loved ones back into my life so that my kids can remember the stories they once told me, the things I love about the people that saw me grow up, and to keep their memory alive with my kids. 

This year I had them make some easy treat bags. I’m letting them add these to our altar and having them offer a treat of their choice for my grandparents. In return, I’ll put one for them to have the morning of the 2nd. This isn’t traditional but definitely something to get excited about! 

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To make the treat bags you will need:

-Jewels or bling of your choice- self-adhesive ones work best!

-Printable for easy designing- print this on sticker paper it makes things easier!

– white lunch bags or treat bags 


Design your bag to your liking. Using the printable you can decorate the eyes and around the face with jewels. It helps to have different colors and sizes of jewels. 

Once they’re decorated as desired fill with a treat or use them to decorate your altar for Dia de Los Muertos. 


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