Taqueria Tacos: That’s what’s for dinner


My amiga, Leslie Limon, has a cookbook!!! It’s called Taqueria Tacos and you must check it out! Ahhh I’m so excited about this especially because I’ve looked to her blog, LaCocinadeLeslie.com, for many authentic Mexican recipes. Leslie was one of the first blogs I read when I started blogging so I’ve tried some great dishes from her time and again. Now I get to share my love for her cookbook with you and including my top 5 recipes from her book!

Leslie shared a digital copy of her book with me but I just pre-ordered her book, Taqueria Tacos, on Amazon because I NEED IT in my hands!

You NEED Taqueria Tacos as much as I need Mexican food, NOW

Leslie’s book is so relatable to me. I’ve longed to cook some authentic dishes that I love and crave often but the reality is I didn’t learn to really get in the kitchen took cook authentic Mexican meals until I moved away from home. Living in Cali, there was no need to really cook My favorite dishes. Everyone fed me and it was easy to also purchase authentic Mexican food at any given time of day! So living in New Jersey I’ve had to learn and It’s been an amazing journey. Now I get to use Taqueria Tacos as my arsenal against all my family’s Mexican food cravings! 

Taqueria Tacos offers amazing recipes but even more than that, ideas for quick + easy dinners, family suppers, and celebrations and cookouts! I love Leslie’s sidenotes too she offers tips, substitutions, and pairings! 

5 Must-Try Recipes from Taqueria Tacos


There’s so much deliciousness in the book. Some dishes I’ve had, some I couldn’t wait to try and some I NEEDED to learn to make cuz CRAVINGS! In no particular order, these are the recipes I’m loving!

Pork Chorizo- Because I need to learn to make it from scratch! It’s not readily available to me like it was in Cali. When I find it in stores I stock up but sometimes I go thru my stash fast. Now I get to make my own!!!

Poblano Rice- My whole family loves poblano chiles. Y’all see us use it in a few recipes. But in rice YASSSS get in my belly!

Spicy Salsa Verde- Becuase my salsa verde never turns out like the taqueria kind. Little Man loves salsa verde too so we needed a nice kick salsa and this one was it! PERFECTION!

Horchata de Avena- AHHHHHHHH I can’t say enough about this horchata. I had never had oatmeal horchata but I’m about that life now! 

Slow Cooker Carnitas- I made this one recently and even shared on Snapchat (See below) I made it for dinner and the whole family loved it!  The flavoring was amazing and I loved that I just put it all in the slow cooker and walked away…. Ok, ok, I came back a few times to check on it! I had to! My home smelled amazing!


Look the ingredients for the slow cooker carnitas were simple. I had everything in my home minus the pork! 


It looked beautiful even before it was cooked! 


And I paired it with Leslie’s Spicy Salsa Verde and it was PERFECT!carnitas-tacos-leftovers

And we even had enough for leftover lunch the next day!!!

So the next time the hubs asks me what I want for dinner, I’m going to hand him my copy of Taqueria Tacos because that’s what’s for dinner!  


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