The time I thought My kid was Catching L’s

I’m probably not talking bout the L’s you’re thinking of. 

I’m NOT talking about the L’s Meek Mills has been famous for catching. As described from a Reddit user “L’s” are Losses, when you get an L it basically means you [MESSED] up and you have to live with it.” Nah not those L’s

L’s as a parent means something totally different to us, LICE!  To the hubs and I, that L word is haunting. I don’t even like saying it which is why when I say L’s the hubs knows exactly what I’m talking about.

As a kid, I caught many L’s. Ya, I’m not happy about it but such was my childhood. I got them in preschool first from a boy. Then again in elementary school, a few times actually.  It’s one of my biggest fears as a parent. Just thinking about the process of dealing with them. UGH!  

The hubs for the longest time believed Black people didn’t get L’s but I assure you it’s possible. Less likely, TRUE, but impossible is inaccurate! NeoNatural breaks it down for us because she did the research and found the Facts with receipts! Thanks, NeoNatural, but umm, I’m hella worried about my kid catching L’s! 


Last night, after Halloween festivities and witnessing my daughter hugging her friends at school while I volunteered in her class, only left me on the edge of all the L’s my kid could have been catching! I’m a hugger so naturally so is she. But at that moment I almost wished she wasn’t. It’s not that I think her friends have L’s but COME ON, Enough with the hugging!!!! 


I send my girl to school with her hair tied up, in twists, ponytails, braids, buns, anything where it’s not loose in its natural wild state for this very reason!

So when she woke me up at 3am crying that her head was itchy I freaked out! I got up at 3am to wash her hair and inspect it. NOTHING! Better safe than sorry they say and I’m about it!  I woke up the hubs to inspect my head next because naturally just hearing the word makes me itchy! 


Here’s to another safe week of my kid not catching L’s!!!

NaBloPoMo November 2016


P.S. I’m challenging myself to blog EVERYDAY in November! Hope you’ll follow along as I take GUBlife back to the good old days!  

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  1. says

    Oh, those L’s have me traumatized. And it is even more so when your kiddies catch all the L’s. Just remembering and thinking about L’s is making my head itch. I hope your kiddies don’t catch any of those horrible L’s.

    And yay to participating in #NaBloPoMo! I haven’t posted on my personal blog since March, I think. I’m tempted to join you, but I’m 30-day challenge impaired.

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