Don’t lay a finger on my


We’re still going thru the Halloween candy. My kids probably had 4 pieces each since Halloween! Well, kinda! I don’t know what the deal is lately tho. We’re all sick but still they are on a good one. They suddenly don’t like butterfingers.

I can recall a few times I had my candy bar straight up stolen. But not today. Not this year. Not their Halloween candy stash. 

“This Butterfinger is gross, Mom” said Little Lady as she was spitting her bite of chocolate into the trash. “It has nasty orange stuff inside” I went over to check it out thinking someone may be slipped something in her chocolate and I totally missed that one when I checked their bags. You know the mom guilt comes thru so quick!!!

Nope. It was fine it was normal and it was delicious! Ya I ate it. I had to check it for myself. But the thing that killed me was they didn’t wanna hear me say it was good OHHHH NOOOO

I shared how Bart Simpson had the coolest commercials for Butterfingers back in my kid days. Now they were listening. Ya leave it to Bart to come thru for my kids. 


I started sharing stories about how butterfingers were the hot candy when I was a kid. I even told them about the Bart commercial famous, catchy, annoying line  You know, “Nobody lays a finger on my… Butterfinger” Ya, that line. 

Well according to my kids that’s cool but still not cool cuz mom likes them and gross. 


 On the bright side, the hubs and I  just came up on a growing stash of candy the kids won’t eat. Yay to a full candy jar. 

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